Summer is here, schools are on holiday, but unfortunately, work isn’t. Having many kids around with nothing, in particular, to need them engaged is an entirely bad idea. Your home is going to be turned upside down, your appliances might get spoiled, and your gadgets are going to be in for it. Therefore, it is vital to have a lot of options to keep these kids engrossed. They could quickly get bored of one activity, and the next minute, they are looking for something else to engage in to satisfy their curiosity or kill boredom. There are many activities to choose from. The problem is that many of them need parental supervision, which could be challenging to strike a balance because work is still ongoing. These activity ideas, however, can be done even by very young children with little parental involvement. Many of them do not require any special equipment, only a few affordable items from the toy store. They are also straightforward to set up, and the efforts to set up most of these are minimal, so you can get the fun started between emails or phone calls. You can also show older kids how to start and then allow them to set up the games going forward.

Activities That Can Keep Your Kids Engrossed

Bouncing Castles

Everyone loves bouncing castles, even adults. You could rent a bouncing castle and other play equipment that are mobile and erect a makeshift park in your yard with a couple of things that could be found in an actual kid’s playground, for varying amusements, for a couple of weeks. This will keep your kids engaged and fully engrossed during the summer. This is extremely fun and time-consuming for kids. They end up playing so hard until they are tired, sleepy, or hungry. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, remote worker, or you go to the office every day, this is a perfect solution that will certainly ease your children’s boredom drastically.

Dress Up And Role Playing 

Playing dress-up is an entertaining idea. It is even more fun if you attach roles to it and look like your favorite movie or cartoon character. If you have a dress-up box, this is the right time to pull it out and let your children explore. If you don’t have one, create one with a couple of hats, socks, coats, purses, shoes, boots, kid glasses, costume jewelry, old dresses, jackets, mirror, brush, old cellphone, old keys (no scarves or other possibly choking items). You could also keep them engaged by asking them to decorate the box that stores up their costumes by Providing them with stickers of their favorite things, markers and giving them room to make it fancy in a way that matches their taste.

Sock Matching

How about you make them sort out their things? You could end up ticking an item off your to-do list if you have lots of mismatched socks in your house that need to be paired or separate socks that are already mismatched. You could have the socks scattered on the floor and have your kids match them up. To encourage them to do it, you could place a reward for the fastest or offer to make their favorite meal. By doing this, you keep them engrossed, and he’d work done.

Tea Party

Tea parties are usually fun. It ends up giving the kids a feel of what proper ladies and gentlemen do. These are exciting, and they could even invite friends over to share in the fun and have someone to host to be a real party. For safety’s sake, you can use dishes, cutlery, and table mats up from a toy kitchen or use your things if they are old enough to handle them. All you need to do is set up a table, some fancy mats, a few simple snacks, their favorite tea, and let the kids bring the high tea vibes to your living room.


Balloon Volleyball

Balloon volleyball is pretty exciting, and you may just be tempted to join in the fun.

All you need for this game is a generous supply of balloons just in case the one in use ends up bursting, which is more likely to happen than not, and a long yarn or string. You start by tying either the ribbon, twine, or string firmly between two walls, blow air into the balloon, and voila! You have an indoor volleyball setup. You can even use a beach ball instead and let the volley begin.

If you leave your kids idle, you are only setting your property up for destruction because their curiosity wouldn’t let them stay confined to one place. You must create a conducive play environment for them to keep them occupied. Do not forget never to leave small toys that can be swallowed, sharp objects, running water unattended to

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