Green Day Praised for Grey Cup Performance.

This year’s CFL Grey Cup’s halftime show brought to you by Green Day was a hit as the punk rock band played a “powerful four-song mini-set” for Grey Cup viewers.

But that wasn’t all, in addition to four-song set, there was awesome fireworks to pump up the audience as well.

Lastly, Green Day stunned audiences when during one song, singer-guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong borrowed a fans cell phone to record himself singing.

Something we’re sure the fan themselves absolutely loved.

What Did Green Day Play at the Grey Cup?

However before wowing the sports fans, one bandmate made sure they made an entrance to remember.

Green Day headline CFL Grey Cup 2023

Credit Image: Barry Brecheisen / Getty Images Entertainment

Fans went crazy when a voice came from the dark stage announcing their arrival.

“Can you hear me? This is Canada,” the crowd heard from the stage.

It’s unknown at this time which bandmate it was but it had the desired effect, nonetheless.

So, how did Green Day kick off their set?

Kicking off the halftime show with the single from their new upcoming album ‘Saviours’ due out in January.

The song titled “The American Dream Is Killing Me,” seemed appropriate as an opener and it sounded cool too.

And they followed up that with hits from the albums “Dookie” and “American Idiot” – ‘Basket Case’, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ and ‘Holiday.’

Social Media Meltdown Over Halftime Show.

While Green Day rides the high of such a high-powered performance, social media was in overdrive with praise and demands for more.

Meanwhile, posts like this one, praised the band’s performance as one of the “best the Grey Cup has had.”

“Absolutely phenomenal performance at the Grey Cup in Canada. the best the CFL has ever had.”

Congrats Green Day for an awesome halftime show.

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