Aldo has released their first-ever pet accessories collection. The collection is the way to make your fur friends more fashionable when on a walk down the street or running around in the dog park.


Aldo has been known for its shoe collections since 1972, since then Aldo has been a staple name and has turned its brand worldwide. Now, years later, Aldo is the spot for all your shoes, from everyday casual sneakers to workwear, to evening and even special event shoes. Aldo has since made its commitments to become climate neutral which means they are tracking and becoming aware of the carbon footprint they leave behind. As years have passed and Aldo has become one of the biggest shoes retailers in the world, they are now expanding. 

Aldo is introducing pet accessories, under the Pet Paw collection. Whether you have a cat, a dog, both or a few, Aldo has the right accessories to make your fur-friend more fashionable, just like you. 


From sparkly rhinestones to gold chains and accents, these eye-catching accessories are the perfect pairing for your cute little friend. Boldpaw, butter paw, blingpaw and sparklepaw are the few names that just might ring a bell and become some of the styles that suit your pets the best. Ranging from $25-28 each collar and leash is the perfect way for your cat or dog to strut down the street or just around the house. 

The Boldpaw $25:

This all-black collar is one to both make a statement and make your dog or cat the most badass pet around. The black leather has a black chain around the collar as well and can be mixed and matched with the boldpaw leash for $28. 


Sparklepaw $25:

The sparklepaw is the perfect accessory that adds a bit of dazzle to your pet. The pink jewelled bowtie is a cute touch and just may be perfect for those special occasion walks. The sparklepaw collar comes with a matching bedazzled leash for $28. 

Article published by HOLR Magazine