Are Halle Bailey and DDG together?

Rumors emerged on Tuesday of the split between Halle Bailey and American rapper DDG. Rumors surfaced when a viral tweet claimed that Halle Bailey and DDG blocked each other on Twitter. Pop Tingz tweeted on May 16th, 2023, “Halle Bailey and E-list rapper DDG are rumored to have broken up.”

In response to the tweet, rapper DDG tweeted below.

DDG acknowledged the tweet but did not deny the breakup. He was amused by the term in the tweet as he was referred to as an “E-list rapper.” Shortly after, DDG continued about being an “E-List rapper” as he tries to prove to his haters that he was a big deal. He tweeted about his song “I’m Geekin” being number 2 on the most added songs on US Urban Radio this week.

What happened with DDG and Halle Bailey?

Despite the rumor, People posted today for this week’s issue exclusive titled, “Halle Bailey on Her Fairy-Tale Romance with Rapper DDG: Young Love Is ‘Transformative'”. The exclusive goes into detail about Bailey’s on and off-screen relationships. When asked whether DDG is her real Prince Charming, Bailey replied, “Yeah. I would say that.”

In an interview on The Breakfast Club, DDG expresses, “I’ve never been with nobody that’s, like, really motivated me like she do”. He jokes about being a “married” man now and that he would “eventually’ want to tie the knot.

The article makes the couple seem like they’re going on strong, but things may have spiraled quickly. The couple were previously rumored to have broken up back in February, but were verified as untrue and appeared to be a joke. HOLR Magazine goes into detail here of their previous break up rumor.

Halle Bailey and DDG


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