Harry Styles Summons 1D Fans With An Accidental Instagram Story

Calling all One Direction fans, you’re going to want to hear about this!

Harry Styles made some noise online by accidentally posting an Instagram story wearing a One Direction t-shirt.

Off the bat, Twitter went insane over this. Many people debated amongst one another whether this was a teaser for a possible reunion with his former band members.

Soon after, Styles deleted the Instagram story leading people to believe that this was an accident. This did not stop fans from sticking with their theory that the 1D boys have something under their sleeves.

Other 1D Mentions

One Direction went on their ‘hiatus’ back in 2015, claiming to go away for 18 months. Since then, fans have been eager for their return as a band again.

This has been a huge year for Harry Styles. After taking home some Grammys this year, Styles was also nominated for a few awards at The Brit Awards. After winning ‘Artist Of the Year’, he thanked his former band members on stage.

“I’d like to thank Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn because I wouldn’t be here without you either, Thank you so much.”

During Grammys night, former bandmates Liam Payne and Niall Horan publically congratulated Styles on his many wins.

Via Instagram @liampayne

“Wow… this image is really something to wake up to and when you write music like you do Harry, you deserve every millisecond of that moment looking down smiling at the trophy you’ve earned. God bless you brother congratulations” Liam wrote.

Will we get a One Direction reunion sometime in the near future? Only time will tell… but for now, at least we get to see the One D guys publically supporting each other.

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