Liam Payne Rehab

This weekend, Liam Payne posted a Youtube video in which he opened up about the 100 days he had spent in rehab in Louisiana. The singer addressed how he managed to stay sober for six months and what made him change his life.

“I just kind of feel like I’ve got more of a grip on life and everything that was getting away from me, I just feel like I’ve got more of a handle on it,” he said.  “I just needed to take a little bit of time out for myself actually because I kind of became somebody who I didn’t really recognize anymore. And I’m sure you guys didn’t either. I was in bad shape up until that point and I was really happy to kind of put a stopper to life and work.” Payne added.

“I didn’t have my phone for nearly 100 days. I didn’t connect with the outside world at all. Upon leaving, the hardest part was turning the phone back on because it was a little bit scary.” the singer, 29, added.

Liam Payne Recovery

Liam Payne

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“I watching this beautiful symphony, I was having a drink, and I thought, ‘You know what, this isn’t really serving me at all, I don’t really need this right now’. It’s the first time I’ve ever put a drink down and gone to someone else, ‘You finish this, I don’t need this right now.’ And I haven’t picked one up since, which has almost been six months, which I’m excited about. It’s good, it’s good to be in this position. I definitely don’t need those things anymore. The party’s over.” he confessed.

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