Slow Hands singer and former member of One Direction Niall Horan falls ill on British Airways from the US. 

Niall Horan on Twitter

The 28-year-old was inevitably flying from Los Angeles to the UK when he tweeted out, “Thank you to the staff on that @British_Airways flight, I was extremely ill and they took such good care of me. ❤️.”

Niall is known to be one of the sweetest men in show business, as he is not only part of One Direction but he also has that Irish charm to him. The singer was flying back home to appear on The Late Late Show in Ireland, but due to circumstances couldn’t make it.

Nobody has stated how ill Horan got or what the extent of his sickness is, but it seems like Horan is doing much better and was probably under the weather for something he ate.

The young superstar sure is used to flying all around the world, as he is one of the members of the biggest boyband on earth.

Article published by HOLR Magazine