One Direction Fans Are Convinced That There Will Be A One Direction Reunion In The Works This Year

The One Direction fandom is being led to believe that there is a high chance that we will be getting a 1D reunion later in the year.

The boys of One Direction called their ‘hiatus’ in 2015 after ex-member, Zayn Malik, released a statement announcing his departure from the group.

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Since then, there have been many instances of speculation that the boys will return as a group, but according to fans, they believe this time it’s different.

Cancelled Tours and Cryptic Likes

3/5 of the band, Louis Tomlinson is currently set to perform a world tour this year, the ‘Faith In The Future’ tour is set to take off from April 17th to the 18th of November.

Unfortunately, due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’, the Asia leg of the tour has been cancelled. Tomlinson and his team announced this news a few days ago leaving fans heartbroken, but curious as to why this has happened so last minute.

Fans believe the abrupt cancellation could have something to do with a possible reunion for Tomlinson with the rest of the One Direction boys.

Directioners also noticed some interesting news while viewing Harry Styles’ Twitter likes. It’s well known that Styles isn’t a big social media user, so when fans discovered an old 1D tweet like his likes, all hell broke loose.


What is happening.. and why is he liking his own tweets again🙃 #harrystyles #harrystylesvideos #harrystylestiktok #loveontour #hslot2023 #fratboyharry #loveontoureurope #onedirection #otratour

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‘Last Show’ and James Corden Features

Just this morning, Harry Styles’ management team posted an announcement for ‘final show tour dates’ regarding his ‘Love On Tour’ shows.


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With all these theories of the band making a return, this did nothing but add fuel to the fire.

Fans are taking to all social media platforms to discuss what this post could mean.

One user commented: April Fools was 2 weeks ago bestie

Another commented: Please don’t stress me out wtf do u mean?

‘The Late Late Show’ host, James Corden has announced his leave and has promoted a ‘final show’ for a while now. Directioners realize that Corden has included a clip of the One Direction boys while they were filming their carpool karaoke episode back in 2015.

Corden has played a very prominent role in the fandom, fans have asked Corden to conduct a reunion between the boys for years now, even asking to ‘kidnap’ the boys and put them in a room together just like he did with the Jonas Brothers.

Could we be getting another album from the One Direction boys?

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