Heartstopper is an eight-episode, Netflix queer romance series based on Alice Oseman’s webcomic.

Kit Connor & Joe Locke in still from Heartstopper

Photo Credit: Netflix

Quick Synopsis

The story surrounds two British schoolboys who meet in secondary school, become friends, and fall in love. Charlie is kind and belongs to a group of outcasts at Truham Grammar School for Boys. While Nick is the school’s jock and star Rugby player. Nick is less sure of his identity in comparison to Charlie. However, it isn’t long into the series that their friendship blooms into something more. The couple is supported by their friends while they maneuver through their relatable journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and truth.

At the beginning of Heartstopper, Charlie is the only out gay teen at Truham. The story follows him as he recovers from bullying and a toxic relationship. Both situations have a huge impact on Charlie’s self-esteem and self-worth.

After randomly being seated next to Nick in homeroom, the two British schoolboys become each other’s knight in shining armour. Together they defy the odds of complex school politics and hierarchies. Although the heart of the series is Charlie and Nick’s budding relationship, there’s also romantic subplots between other characters such as, Elle, and Tao.

Kit Connor & Joe Locke in still from Heartstopper

Photo Credit: Netflix


Heartstopper is a teen dramedy series that explores establishing one’s queer identity in a heteronormative environment. The show is successful because it explores themes that are usually not present in the lexicon of pop culture. Although it examines heavy topics, the overall tone of the series is sweet, wholesome, and hopeful.

The dramedy stays true to the source material of a graphic novel through the use of whimsical animations. For instance, cartoon lightning is visible on our screens when characters hold hands. This was a clever decision that assists in creating the overall campy feel of the show. The hardships the characters experience are irrelevant by the finale as they find their support systems. Nick and Charlie both grow from the adversity they face. Making it the perfect series to obsess over during Pride Month.

The Cast of Heartstopper

Up-and-coming actor Joe Locke plays main character Charlie Spring, alongside Kit Connor (Rocketman) who plays Nick Nelson. William Gao and Yasmin Finney (Pose) are Charlie’s close friends. However, the biggest star from the series is Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman who plays Nick’s mom.

Olivia Colman in Heartstopper

Photo Credit: Netflix

Heartstopper first premiered on April 22, 2022. Here’s a link to the trailer!

Since Its Release

  • The book sales in the US have increased by 1700%
  • The series has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes
  • It achieved Netflix’s Top Ten list in 54 countries
  • It has already been renewed for 2 additional seasons!

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