PQ Swim is a resort swimwear line that provides flattering and supportive bathing suits for all women.  In addition to their stunning designs, PQ swim uses an environmentally- friendly process in the creation of their swimwear.  For this collaboration influencer Helen Owen was inspired by her travels and created a collection full of fun playful prints and cuts.

HOLR spoke with influencer Helen Owen about her collaboration with PQ Swim:

Photo Via PQ Swim


What is it like to have a line that is carried at such a big and influential retailer such as Revolve?

It’s definitely a pinch-me moment to have a line *with my name on it* that I co-created, carried on the powerhouse that is Revolve. But in the same breath, it really does feel like a natural extension of the relationship I’ve built over the past few years of working, traveling and collaborating with Revolve.


How did you know PQ Swim was the right fit for you to collaborate with?

PQ Swim is a brand I have been wearing over the past 4 years, and I’ve always admired the quality and style of their swimwear. While so much of swimwear tends to look alike, PQ has always stood out to me as a brand that has consistently created outstanding, unique styles. I have always resonated with the brand, and when I got to finally sit down with them in person earlier this year, get to know the people behind the scenes, and hear about their operation and how flexible they are when it comes to design – from materials to cuts to colors – I knew they were a brand that would be a perfect partner for a collection.

Photo via PQ Swim

How do the designs reflect your personality?

What I love most about the collection is that each bikini is so different from the next, from ruffles to stitching to textures and colors. This completely reflects my personal swimwear wardrobe and even the way I tend to wear swimwear day to day over the course of a vacation. I love wearing different styles each day that are more playful and make a statement, rather than plain vanilla bikinis (but don’t get me wrong, I love a simple style when it comes to avoiding tan lines!) I feel that this collection is a perfectly well-rounded assortment of styles that I would typically throw in a suitcase when headed somewhere warm. And even though each style is unique, they come together in a cohesive way – the spectrum of colors throughout the collection mix beautifully together and even some of the striped and multicolored pieces contain the majority of colors  throughout the capsule.

Photo Via PQ Swim

Being such a creative individual, would you want to continue to design your own collections?

The answer to this question is a resounding YES when it comes to continuing down this path of design. While I don’t know what that looks like just yet, I know it’s a direction I want to explore further and it’s where my passion is leading me. Getting the opportunity to create capsule collections with brands, such as my clothing collection with Bloomingdales earlier this year and now this swimwear collection with PQ feels like the perfect way to get my feet wet, and ultimately draw inspiration and ideas from to take with me into future endeavors.


 As an influencer with such a large following how do you balance your busy schedule?

I wouldn’t really describe my current schedule as “balanced,” and the line between work life and downtime is definitely a blurry one when my work is so tightly integrated into my everyday lifestyle. I’ve kind of been making the rules up as I go, which is both wonderful and dangerous because it’s easy to overwork and forget to take breaks, or on the other side of the spectrum, to have enough self-discipline during times of less motivation or un-inspiration. It’s still a work in progress for me, but I’ve found that making lists always helps me get through moments of extreme overwhelm and help me feel more organized and in-control of my tasks. When each day is different than the next, and so much of my work is irregular or consists of spontaneous trips across the globe, having a steady routine is difficult, so I try to take it one day at a time and stay mindful of my mental health, giving myself downtime when I need it.


If you had to choose one piece from your collection what would it be?

NOT an easy (or fair) question, but if I had to choose, I think I would pick the Crystal Blue Ruffle bikini. It’s just such a standout piece for me in the collection – the bright blue color pops so beautifully on tan skin, the lace makes it such a unique style, and it’s a suit that I feel extra confident in!


What is your favorite beach destination to wear your designs?

I was just in Tulum and I couldn’t think of a more perfect backdrop for this particular collection! I was there with a group of close friends, and seeing all the different styles throughout the collection worn together all at once in the context of Tulum on some of my best friends was really special. The blues of the collection match the bright blue waters of Tulum and the earthy tones are so beautiful against the green, lush jungle and boho decor that adorns every corner of Tulum.

Shop the collection at https://pqswim.com/collections/helen-owen-x-pq 

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