November 14, 2019 marks a very special day for professional hockey player Cory Conacher. For the first time ever, Miracle, Baby, his story of beating the odds and making it big in the world of elite sports will hit digital screens everywhere.

Alongside director and producer Calvin Hudson Wang, audiences will get a chance to see what life with Type 1 Diabetes can look like. The film is set for release on World Diabetes Day, and Conacher’s main mission is to bring awareness and inspiration to others who are managing this life-altering condition. 

Hockey Player

This short film documents Conacher’s humble journey towards stardom. Currently under contract with the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, and playing with the Syracuse Crunch, viewers receive a glimpse into what it is like living with Type 1 Diabetes. In an interview with HOLR!, Conacher explains that in many ways, he sees his diagnosis as a blessing. “Being forced to constantly monitor blood sugar and insulin levels, I have no choice but to live a healthy lifestyle. And it’s that healthy lifestyle that gives me the strength and endurance that is required to play hockey at a professional level”. It’s this perspective that has given him the resiliency and mental strength to achieve all he has.

As opposed to allowing diabetes to control his life and see it as a limitation, he views it as strength. “Of course there are times where my energy is low, or I need to take time off because I’m going through a dip”, says Cory. But it’s the support of his coaches and teammates that have been unparalleled. “They are all super supportive, and when they know what I’m dealing with, it makes it easier to adapt.” Only one time in his career did he face a coach who was not so accommodating, but according to Conacher “this gave me even more drive because I felt like I had to prove myself.” It’s this common thread of mental strength and tenacity that is so inspiring. Conacher sees “challenges as opportunities for growth.”

Hockey Player

Cory aims to inspire others that are managing diabetes, or any other mental or physical ailment, showing them through this film, Miracle, Baby,  that “anything is possible, and no matter what you are dealing with, you can still succeed.” It’s with the support of his wife and child that keeps him going when times become tough. Everyone needs a “why” and they are his.

“Dream big. This is more of a challenge as opposed to a disease. We are capable of controlling the body and mind, so if you work with it, it won’t affect anything you want to do in your life. Take care of yourself now.” 

Miracle, Baby

In addition to Miracle, Baby, Cory spread’s awareness with his involvement in D-Skate, a hockey program that educates and inspires families and children with diabetes in leading a healthy and balanced life. He also hosts an annual charity golf tournament, Flame of Hope, with all funds going to Diabetes Canada. 

Subscribe to Miracle, Baby and view Cory’s incredible journey online for free here November 14, 2019. Following the premiere, the movie will be available on SUPRE’s youtube channel for the remainder of November, in honor of Diabetes Awareness Month. 


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