The One Of A Kind Show goes online this year with extended dates from Thursday, October 22nd through to Sunday, December 20th. As the flagship event supporting craft and makers since 1975, One Of A Kind is pivoting digitally to help creative entrepreneurs across Canada to connect with customers, promote their businesses, and drive sales leading into the holiday season. 

“Our mission is to save our small business partners. We recognize the impact COVID-19 has had on the small business community. For the past 45 years, artisans from all over Canada have shown us support and dedication in this time of need, we must do what we can to ensure they are still having the opportunity to do business,”  said Janice Leung, Show Director. “Understanding our artisans have seen a decline in sales due to COVID-19 and rely on face-to-face shows as their main source of income, we have created a platform to bring the show to life online; a space where artisans and consumers can foster connections essential to small business success.”

With One Of A Kind Online, makers will be able to create a virtual booth to share their brand stories and showcase their creations. Fans of the Show will not only be able to shop from over 700+ makers from across Canada, but they will also receive customized product recommendations, get inspired by One Of A Kind gift guides, participate in DIY workshops and enjoy virtual studio tours from coast to coast.

Join us from anywhere on One Of A Kind Online to connect with over 700+ makers, shop the best in Canadian made and do your part to help small businesses restart and recover.

What to expect at the 2020 Online Show:

Extended Show Dates

One Of A Kind is putting their makers first by extending the 11-day Winter Show to span over 8 weeks, providing more opportunities for entrepreneurs across Canada to connect with customers, promote their businesses, and drive sales during the holiday season.

Let’s Duuo This Sweepstake with Duuo Insurance

In partnership with Duuo, One Of A Kind is giving away five scholarships to small business owners to support them in their time of need.  Customers can cast their votes for their favourite businesses on the site by simply clicking on the heart icon on each maker’s profile page and at the end of the show, the five makers with the most likes will win a scholarship to be used at any 2021 One Of A Kind Event. Additionally, customers who participate will be automatically entering themselves to win a $100 gift card from their favourite artisan.

Weekly Content Series

Tune into One Of A Kind Online for maker-lead DIY workshops, behind the scenes studio tours from makers across Canada and curated gift guides to inspire your holiday shopping.

The Journey of Craft

A new series with The Great Canadian Baking Show’s Colin Asuncion on the history and future of craft, new episodes will be released over the duration of the Show and will feature a different set of markers to discuss why they love the medium they work in.

Dates: October 22– December 20, 2020

Location: Join us from anywhere at

About the One Of A Kind Show:

Since 1975, the One Of A Kind Show has been deeply connected to craft. One Of A Kind has played a significant role in the craft movement and has evolved into a place where like-minded individuals come together to exchange ideas, stories and inspiration through the culture of craft.

One Of A Kind Online is free to visit. To unlock the latest news, offers, perks and more, be sure to register at | #OOAKonline #CraftTogether #OOAK20 | @ooak_toronto