The hair accessories you didn’t know you needed!

During these unprecedented times, it is even more important to shop locally. Female-owned Toronto-based brand, Kōv, is a small business making hair essentials assessable for all hair types.

The up-and-coming self-care brand launched in November 2020 and strives to produce equally stylish and functional products. Kōv is an inclusive brand where consumers with differing hair textures, lengths and thicknesses can find products that work for them.  

Founder and CEO Chelsea says, “hair-care is a daily ritual and with thick and long hair, I have constantly struggled to find a brand with products that work for me. I have personally put each of our products to the test and I’m proud to say these products truly work; they solve issues for myself and many others alike.”

But this small business doesn’t just have inclusivity on its mind. From their products to their packaging all the way to their delivery, efforts are put towards sustainability.

In an effort to reduce waste, Kōv’s packaging is either 100% recyclable, compostable, biodegradable or reusable. It can be an economical burden for a small business to develop sustainable products. However, Kōv’s committed to becoming a plastic-free brand. Although not all products are plastic-free, the majority of their products are made with a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic, Cellulose Acetate. To further reduce waste, products that don’t make it to the end consumer are donated to a local Women’s Shelter. Finally, in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, Kōv offers a carbon offset option at checkout. The cost of the consumers’ average destination distance and order weight is calculated and an equivalent value is used to purchase a carbon offset. 

Here are the products we’re loving from Kōv:

Mega Clip

The Mega Clip is Kōv’s largest claw clip. It is recommended for the longest, thickest and most textured hair. The Mega Clip comes in three colours, Blonde Tortoise, Deep Tortoise and Ivory. 

Cloud Clip

The best-selling Cloud Clip is a large claw clip. It’s recommended for long and thick hair. The Cloud Clip also comes in three colours, Blonde Tortoise, Deep Tortoise and Ivory. 

Luna Clip

The Luna Clip is the smallest claw clip. It’s recommenced for short, thin and fine hair. The Luna Clip also comes in the Blonde Tortoise, Deep Tortoise and Ivory.

Verse Clip

The Verse Clip is a small claw clip. It’s not quite as small as the Luna but smaller than the Cloud Clip. It is a simple design in black or white for those who prefer a more minimal look. 

Lush Comb

The Lush Comb is a wide-tooth comb. Wide-tooth combs are a more gentle alternative to a brush. The Lush Comb will detangle your hair without causing breakage or frizz.