Hersch Goldberg Polin Hamas Hostage Video

In a newly published hostage video, Hamas continues to terrorize the victims of the deadly October 7th terror attack on Nova Festival in Israel. The Hamas video shows hostage Hersch Goldberg Polin seemingly reading from a script while condemning Netanyahu and the government. In disturbing footage, Hersch looks like a shade of his former self as he has understandably been living under harsh conditions as a hostage. Hersch’s injuries are visibly noticeable with him missing part of his arm. It is believed that he sustained this injury on October 7th, when Hamas terrorists attacked festival goers in Israel. In the video Hersch’s face is gaunt and his head looks to be freshly shaved. It is important to understand the intent of these videos as a tool to further terrorist organization Hamas’ agenda.

Hamas Propaganda Hostage Video Hersch Goldberg Polin

Hostage videos released by terrorist organizations serve the dual purpose of instilling fear and advancing their propaganda agenda. By showcasing their captives in distressing situations, these groups aim to exert psychological pressure on governments and populations while manipulating media coverage to amplify their message. Recognizing these videos as propaganda tools involves critical analysis of their content, understanding the agenda behind their release, and maintaining a skeptical perspective towards the narratives they seek to promote.

The latest Hamas hostage video is made in a similar style to their other propaganda videos, where certain sentences are highlighted in a stylized manner. Hamas seemingly spends a lot of money on producing their videos in hopes that it influences impressionable minds. As can be seen during the protests currently taking place at universities across the US, the propaganda is working on some of the protestors. While not all of the protestors are chanting for violence against Jewish people, it does not appear that the protestors that want a ceasefire are doing anything to distance themselves from the violent protestors by telling them to leave.

Hamas uses the video’s and pamphlets they release online to shape perception and narratives by trying to paint this complex war as black and white.

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