A Reddit post has gained popularity as it contains footage of a hidden corridor at the main entrance of Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. What do Redditors think about it?

A recent post caught Redditors’ attention as it contains a short video inside a hidden corridor at the entrance of the ancient Pyramid of Giza. The video is 20-second long and it depicts a mysterious, darkened corridor. In the background, the voice of a man presents the video to an audience that starts clapping once the corridor is revealed.

The post provoked mixed responses amongst users who were either joking about it, or genuinely curious to find out more about who created the hidden corridor. “Was thinking how freaky it would have been if something humanoid ran across“, a Redditor joked.

Aliens or humans?

People in the comments started discussing about the creators of the mysterious corridor. Some were jokingly mentioning “aliens“ and “martians”.

”This is human engineering, please don’t comment aliens, please don’t comment it’s aliens.. damnit.. people are going to say aliens did this.. ugh.. brawndo”, wrote a comment that got 13k likes from other users.

Another user tried to come up with a logical explanation, saying ”My guess is that these shafts were just used for the building process. Just ramps they built so workers and materials could easily get up to the top. Because the pyramid had to be a certain height for the gold interstellar communication block on top to work.”

Another person credited the ”ancient human civilizations” for the corridor, commenting ”Not aliens, ancient human civilizations that were far more advanced than we credit them for.”

Aliens or not, the mysterious hidden corridor at the entrance of Pyramid of Giza became a trending Reddit topic in the last three days!

Published by HOLR Magazine.