13 circuit stations. 2-minute rounds. 15-second intervals. Are you ready to HIT? 
30 Minute Hit is a high intensity interval training, boxing and kickboxing fitness circuit that encourages you to hit harder, train better, and push your limits. With an incredible clean, intimate, all-inclusive studio space, the environment created by the 30 Minute Hit training team is inspiring and positive. 
Each round in the circuit runs 2 minutes in length with a short bell ringing every 15 seconds. You’ll start each round hitting at your own pace, but as soon as that bell dings, you’re urged to push yourself to reach your maximum intensity. Just when you think you can’t do anymore, the trainer is there encouraging you to push yourself and keep hitting. The intervals alternate between working at around 75% of your maximum effort and 100%. 
After every station, your body will be tired but that community environment that the 30 Minute Hit team created will have you motivated to keep going.  When you’re surrounded by a group of individuals who are pushing themselves to their limits, you’re more likely to push yourself to those limits as well. 
The circuit is designed to target your entire body and each round will have you rotating between different kickboxing, boxing, self-defence, and core stability training drills. From your arms, to your abs, to your legs, your body will definitely be feeling the burn by the end of the 30 minutes. 
Designed for women, this studio encourages all women of different ages, shapes, and fitness levels to join the community. With no set class times, ability to drop in any time of the day and pop into the circuit allows for flexibility for those juggling work, school, or any other responsibilities. 
 Hitting home the sense of community, each studio has a community board with messages of encouragement, affirmations, and general positivity from other members–so when you join the communHITy, you really feel like you’re part of a fitness family.