HOLR is chatting with Montreal-based dancer, choreographer, and influencer Citron Rose, who has created her own choreography for the latest edition of Just Dance!

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Get excited because the 2023 edition of everyone’s favorite party game Just Dance just launched! For the second year in a row, Canadian Just Dance players will get to discover a local talent starring in their favorite dance game with the participation of Citron Rose and her game map for Just Dance 2023.

Plus, this year’s Just Dance will offer (for the first time in the franchise’s history) an Online Multiplayer mode. This means players can enjoy the full game online with up to 5 of their friends or family members. We’re obsessed with the latest edition of Just Dance because it features songs by Billie Eilish, Ava Max, Doja Cat, BTS and so many more.

Today, HOLR is chatting with Citron about her experience from going viral on TikTok, to creating choreography for Just Dance 2023- check out our full conversation below!

Tell us about how you got your start in the industry as a content creator.

I started creating content during the pandemic. Everyone was pretty sad and confused about what was happening but was on TikTok. I downloaded the app and made content about relatable subjects. I then grew my audience there and started making dance videos.

I slowly got opportunities to do collaborations, bit by bit. Then, Ubisoft saw my content and was interested in collaborating for last year’s edition of Just Dance 2022. I did 3 videos for them with my family by creating colorful, positive content. So, this year they asked me if I wanted to collab in a different way by creating choreography for the game.

Talk to us about your love of dance and how it inspired you to work with Just Dance on the latest edition of the game.

The dance genre that I do is Afro- it’s dynamic, energic, and colourful! Just Dance is a game I’m familiar with because I played it with my family. We used to play the game all the time during the holidays and at birthday parties. It connects really well with Afro-dance because it has the same energy, and vibe to it.

When I got the chance to come up with choreography for the game it was easy for me to create- it’s not far from what I do on the daily. It was natural and organic, and I just had to adapt to the criteria of video games. I love how this experience gave me knowledge for the future, which really made me grow as a choreographer.

Just Dance and my type of dance style really fused well together for this type of project.

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How did you create your own choreography for this year’s installment, Just Dance 2023 Edition?

I had a list of songs I could choose and Woman by Doja Cat was the one I liked the most because I had it on my phone and was listening to it. It wasn’t difficult to create choreography because there was an afro-base to the song, so my first step was to let the music guide me and try something.

I’m not used to making choreography for 3 minutes- it’s usually 30 seconds for social media! As a result, this was a little bit of a challenge, but it was still nice.

The process was to really work with the Ubisoft team to create something fun and great, and they were really open to afro-dance. They wanted to bring my dance more into the video game world after showing them my first draft. This is because, when you dance in the game, you have to hold the game controller in your right hand so I had to keep this in mind when doing movements with my right hand. It was all about adapting and making movements that were detailed but simple to the eye. People playing the game have to be able to recreate the movements with ease. The final product is not that far from what I imagined in the beginning -I’m so happy and proud of what I did. The Ubisoft team was also super understanding and respected afro-dance and my work which made this an all-around incredible experience.

Tell us more about your game map for Just Dance 2023 Edition, which is only available for players located in Canada.

It’s a local map available around Canada. We filmed on the rooftop of the Ubisoft building and you can see Montreal behind me! They didn’t want me to look like an avatar- they wanted the artist to be recognized and the city to be seen.

I feel like I am representing the diversity of the city and the fat that I create. an afro choreography is amazing- I can share how rich the culture is which is amazing. This map represents a lot for me and the community as well, and I’m really proud of it.

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Photo credit: Dafnée Grégoire from @flammelle_Studio

The latest edition of Just Dance will offer- for the first time in the franchise’s history- an Online Multiplayer mode. What does this mean for fans of the game?

What I know about it is that you can share these moments with other people- who aren’t there with you physically- by connecting with them virtually. It truly is the best version of the game, The pandemic brought an aspect of being with people even when you’re not physically with them. It’s nice that this is a new feature of the game.

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Why do you love Just Dance?

I love Just Dance because I am a dancer! I really feel connected to the game and I always loved playing it with my family. I already have an attachment to the game, even without the partnership. Having this chance means so much to me.

Even if we don’t have the same dance level we can still have the same amount of fun- it creates a great challenge between loved ones! It’s a great activity and you can progress throughout the game. You can challenge yourself throughout time and evolve. There are also tons of great song styles to discover. It’s a burst of colours, it’s positive and you always feel better when you play the game! Dance is like therapy to me, because it helps you release negativity and makes you feel better within your body and mind.

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