Fernanda Ramirez is the ultimate YouTube star. Check out what she has to say to HOLR about where her passion came from, her inspiration, and what’s next for her!

Say hello to the ultimate YouTube star- Fernanda Ramirez!

This talented content creator is an inspiration for anyone who has a dream and is shaping the way for Gen Z and beyond with her passion for creating content. The YouTube star is known for her iconic style-related content and travel vlogs- she now boasts over 1.14M subscribers + over 80M views on YouTube, alone!

HOLR is sitting down to chat with Fernanda about her platform, her inspiration, and what’s next for the social media star-turned-girl boss. Keep reading to learn more!

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Where did your passion for content creation come from?

This passion I’ve had, I’ve honestly had for a really long time. When I was younger, it was my dream goal to become a YouTuber. Maybe a lot of people had this dream when they were younger but I had a very clear vision of it. I feel like I was always very talkative, especially in school.

When I talk online I feel very expressive and authentic. I feel like ever since I can remember I had a passion for being online and content creation- especially starting it and getting into it. I started editing very quickly. Ever since I can remember it’s just been ingrained in me, it feels like.

fernanda ramirez

Image Credit: Georgia Love

Talk to us about your YouTube channel and what people can expect when watching you.

My channel over all- the idea of it- is my journey to becoming my best self. Whether that be through fitness, lifestyle wellness, fashion, etc. As well as inspiring and motivating other people to do that within themselves. By being authentic online, people can find a bit of themselves in you if that makes sense.

They can find a bit of everything- there’s fitness, health, fashion, productivity, and self-care, and I also do talks on things like confidence and how to be your best self. I want to make it a space where people can come and feel like I’m their best friend and not feel judged. I really feel like we built a great community. People have watched me grow up and it’s so wholesome to have people grow with me. Hopefully, my journey can inspire others and know that anything they want to do is possible for them.

You now have over 1.14M subscribers and over 80M views on YouTube- talk to us about what this accomplishment means to you.

It means so much to me! when I started I never thought about the numbers but I celebrated every milestone along the way. Every 10K I would celebrate and my friends would celebrate with me. Hitting 1M is honestly a dream to me and just reaffirms that people resonate with my content. I was very passionate about it when I was younger and seeing it come to fruition just feels like I’m on the right path. I would do this for no views so just to have the views means so much to me.

Tell us more about one of your viral videos, “the Ultimate Guide to becoming THAT girl.” Where does your content inspo come from?

Honestly, there are always trends coming up, and the “THAT girl” trend first started on TikTok and it blew up there. Everyone romanticized this idea of this girl that’s unattainable so I related that to my own content and thought that maybe it was something I was trying to do this whole time just without a name being attached to it. I was really inspired by this so I tried to make a guide to help people be on their journey to becoming their best selves and being THAT girl. That’s where I got that idea came from- how I could turn this trend into something that inspired other people and motivated them.

Through seeing what other people are doing and what’s trending- including things that I actually love to do in real life- I think of what I would want to watch when it comes to my content creation.

fernanda ramirez

Image Credit: Georgia Love

You’re a total girl boss! What’s next for you?

I’ve been working on a lot of projects. Something I’m very excited to announce is that I came out with a podcast that went live on March 22! It’s going to be an extension of my YouTube channel about well-being, being your best self, navigating your 20s, being independent, etc. I’m so excited to do that and try something new.
I also want to dive deeper into the fashion world. I want to integrate myself into the space in social media and traditional media- I have so many goals!
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