Get to know Gabby Morrison!

gabby morrison

At just 21 years old, Gabby Morrison has risen to fame and become an internet sensation as a multifaceted TikTok star with over 3.7M followers! She is taking social media by storm by sharing her authentic self via her trending videos on beauty tips, travels, personal style, and funny, relatable day-in-the-life videos.

Today, HOLR is sitting down to chat with Gabby about her journey on social media, her latest collab with Beaubble, and what inspires her!

gabby morrison

You’ve become an internet sensation over the past few years! Talk to us about your journey on social media and how you got started.

I was a dancer growing up from when I was 6 until where I am now. When I started on TikTok, I thought it was a great platform to share my love for dance. When I joined it was very dance-oriented. As the app grew, I posted multiple times a day and I love sharing content with my community. As that continued, I showed my whole high school journey from my senior year until prom and college. I showed my coming of age online to everyone. Everything happened so fast- I showed my life and my relationships.

When the pandemic hit, TikTok really became a career and bigger than ever. Now, I could work wiht TikTok. I started getting bigger opportunities so I moved to L.A. to pursue them. I’ve done so much over the years after moving that I felt like I was taking the next steps in my career. Before I knew it, I was filming for other companies too, and that is kind of where I am now.

What can viewers expect when visiting your TikTok page?

I do so much! I always dance on TikTok, and now I share a lot about my lifestyle. I show my puppy, my best friends, my relationship, etc. I try to capture who I am as a person and show it to my followers.

If I think anything interests me, I need to share it with everybody!

gabby morrison

You have a passion for body care- how did this start?

Growing up, I had eczema and I didn’t notice until skincare became a bigger thing for my age group. I had awful reactions and decided to go to the dermatologist where I found out I had eczema. I really dialed into the sensitive skincare life from there. I used products made for sensitive skin.

I was sad about not being able to explore skincare like my friends could because I love trying new things! So, I really wanted to broaden the skincare spectrum for sensitive skin. I also love glowy skin, so I wanted to focus on making a product that hydrates your skin and makes it ultra-glowy (since eczema dried out my skin).

We heard you’re working with Beaubble to develop an exciting sensitive skin body care line called “Lagoon.” Can you tell us more about this project?

I partnered with Beaubble because they’re a great team- it was quite the journey! They had a team of experts who collaborated with me and taught me how to create a product I could use. When I spoke with them about building Lagoon and creating my own product- without spoiling it!- I wanted to help people really achieve the dewy skin look.

We had lots of meetings about the specifications of what I wanted with my product. I loved telling them about my skincare journey and regimen, as well as all of the things I learned over time. We have come a long way! I’m excited about Lagoon and further products with Lagoon.

gabby morrison

How do you hope to inspire your audience to embrace who they are- both inside and out?

I love to inspire people! I love being an inspiration to younger children who want to emulate my success in terms of being able to do whatever they dream of. Growing up, I didn’t see a lot of POC creators I could look up to. Maybe I was looking in the wrong place, but I didn’t see a lot of people I could relate to. As I grew older it was easier.

I keep thinking about the new Little Mermaid movie. Growing up I loved Disney but I didn’t have a princess I could relate to. Now, when I see little kids crying on TikTok while watching the trailer, I find myself tearing up too! That is a similar effect I want to create for POC. I also love people to know that they can follow their passions and dreams. TikTok opened a lot of doors for me to follow my dreams and I want to show people that they can follow theirs, too.

Do what you’re passionate about, follow your dreams and really hone into what makes you, you, in your heart. For me, that was dancing.

gabby morrison

Published by HOLR Magazine.