Rumors are circulating online regarding what allegedly happened to TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth, who passed away recently.

Kyle Marisa Roth Blind Item

According to this TikTok video posted by user @mslauren_1, there is an alleged blind item supposedly about Kyle Marisa Roth. This blind item follows the news that Kyle tragically passed away, but her cause of death has yet to be revealed.


Is this about Kyle? miss her so much 💔 #blind #blinditem #kylemarisaroth #cdan #crazydaysandnights #gossip #celebgossip #celebgossiptok

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Kyle Marisa Roth Death

As outlined in the video above, the TikToker explains that a recent blind item posted on Crazy Days And Nights may supposedly be about TikToker Kyle Marisa Roth, who suddenly passed away recently. The TikToker @mslauren_1 believes that the blind item could be about Kyle, but notes that this has not been confirmed and is just speculation.

The blind item details that in the two weeks prior to this social media A- lister’s death, she (allegedly Kyle) had told a couple of people in her personal life, and a couple of followers, that she felt like she was being followed or stalked. Then she got a spam email from someone trying to extort her. She allegedly knew it was spam but it added to the fear.

As the TikToker questions in the caption of the above video, could this blind item be about Kyle? There is no concrete evidence to support this claim but the timing is eerily close to Kyle’e recent passing.

Kyle Marisa Roth Autopsy Report

The cause of Kyle’s death has not been revealed. Her passing was posted online by family members such as her mother and sister, who seemingly claimed that they did not know what had happened to her.

Kyle Marisa Roth JLO

There have been wild rumors circulating online regarding what could’ve happened to Kyle, although nothing has been confirmed. As noted in this article, fans have even dragged Jennifer Lopez into the conversation, in which the singer recently came under fire for allegedly having Kyle banned from the platform for talking about her latest Amazon Prime Video project. However, there is no concrete evidence to support claims that J.Lo had anything to do with Kyle’s recent passing.

What are your thoughts on this alleged blind item claim- could it actually be about Kyle?

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