Influencer Patrick Starrr took to TikTok to discuss a recent experience.

Influencer Patrick Starrr took to TikTok to discuss the experience of having to remove his turban before taking the Estheticians Board Exam.



♬ original sound – Patrick Starrr

As noted in the video Starrr posted to social media, Starrr was told to remove the turban he typically wears because of the strict rules. Starrr countered that for the state-issued Driver’s License, he was allowed to wear the turban, although for the Estheticians Board Exam, his turban was locked in a locker.

Starrr was told that unless it was for religious purposes Starrr could not wear the turban during the test although they proceeded to take Starrr’s photo without the turban on. Starrr admitted he cried before the test as he felt “embarrassed.” Starrr admitted that he doesn’t like seeing themself without hair or without his turban on because he lost their hair at a young age. Starrr was then told he could retake their picture if he passed. Starrr claimed he took almost the entire 90 minutes to review the test back and forth before exiting.

Starrr then posted an update on the situation with the below second video:


😭🙏🏽😭🙏🏽 #esthetician

♬ original sound – Patrick Starrr

In the update video, Starrr confirmed that he was able to take a second photo and that he is now a state-board-certified licensed Esthetician.

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