Pop Music Artist Maisy Kay is dishing the details on everything from new singles to what it’s like being part of JVKE’s “What Tour Feels Like.” 

HOLR is sitting down to chat with Maisy Kay and getting the inside scoop on what the pop music artist has been working on lately. From what it has been like releasing new singles “Sunlight” and “In Your Car” in recent months to being part of JVKE’s “What Tour Feels Like,” Maisy Kay is giving us all the latest details.

Keep reading to find out what Maisy Kay has been up to and what’s next for the star!

Talk to us about how you got your start in the music industry. 

I got my start in the music industry when I was around 14. I had been recording some music in a studio in Birmingham, when I essentially got offered a record deal from a major label, on the condition that I move to America. I’ve known my whole life I wanted to be a singer, so that choice was easy!

What was it like being part of JVKE’s “What Tour Feels Like” back in summer 2023?

It was one of the best experiences of my life! I miss the whole experience — all the incredible friends and fans I met were such a huge part. I’d never toured before, and it truly blew me away.

You recently released your single “Sunlight” earlier this year- what was that experience like?

It was scary but wonderful! “Sunlight” is the first love song I’ve ever released, and it is an incredibly personal record. To show so much of yourself online is an incredibly vulnerable experience. The response to sharing my vulnerability was more supportive and exciting than I could’ve possibly imagined.

Your newest single “In Your Car” just premiered this month. What can you tell us about this song and music video?

“In Your Car” was inspired by how often my partner insists on opening the car door for me. It’s incredibly sweet, and ultimately that song is hoping that they’ll always come to open the door for you, even when it’s no longer a “new” relationship. Happy to report, that I still get my car door opened every time! The video is simple and sweet. I just recorded my partner driving and put handwritten lyrics on it. I really want to keep prioritizing that vulnerability and taking steps I just never would have done before!

Tell us more about who you have collaborated with in the past.

I have had the incredible opportunity to work with so many talented collaborators over the years. Adam Argyle, Lukas Loules, Morgan-Taylor Reid, Zac Poor, and Ameera Roelants, to name a few. I am currently working with Mike Avenaim as my producer and MD, and he’s wonderful and an integral cog in this project.

Talk us through your Webstore Shop Maisy Kay. Do you design all the products?

I have input on every item in the shop. Creating merch ideas is one of my favorite parts of this job, and I am very lucky to have the incredible support of my manager Tara Beikae, and designer Carol Civre.

What’s next for you?

My new EP “Wonderlust: The Dawn” comes out May 13th! It has six songs that I’m incredibly proud of and I can’t wait to share them with everyone.

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