Lizzo Will Be Attending The Met Gala This Year Despite Her Experience Last Year

The long-awaited day has finally come, it’s Met Gala day!

One guest out of many, Lizzo, will be in attendance tonight. Lizzo is no amateur when it comes to red carpet/event appearances, she kills it every single time leaving no room for disappointment.

Fans are extremely excited to see what she brings to this year’s Met, but can’t help but wonder if she’ll stay for the whole event considering her experience last year.

Image Credit: Vogue

Last Year’s Experience

In 2022, Lizzo hopped onto Instagram Live where she discussed her experience at the Met.

“There’s a long fucking line,” She starts, “I’m taking the glamour away from it, but it’s true. You’ve gotta wait. So you’re waiting and that’s the hardest part. I was sweating in a big-ass coat, my feet were hurting.”


“I was like, ‘Bitch? Can we get some chairs or some drinks or some hors d’oeuvres?” Lizzo added, “They were being really stingy with the liquor that night. He was like, ‘Red or white wine?’ And I was like, ‘Tequila! Do you know what I’ve been through? Do you know how many hours I’ve been in this corset? How long I’ve been in these damn shoes? Tequila!’


“I had this plan to play the flute and do the whole intro [of a classical piece], but I got nervous and I only played it once because all the photographers were heckling me. They were like, ‘You’re putting us to sleep with the flute!’ I was like, ‘Okay?’ In my mind, I thought everyone was going to be transfixed. So I only played it once, only the first half of it. Then I posed and got the photos.”

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Lizzo is not the first celeb to come out about the Met Gala, Demi Lovato came out about the Met calling the whole event ‘cliquey.’

In an interview with Billboard, Lovato claimed she had a terrible experience.

“This one celebrity was a complete bitch and was miserable to be around. It was very cliquey. I remember being so uncomfortable that I wanted to drink.”

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