There is no more perfect scenario for a functional Calvin Klein watch, than if you happen to be a busy, young professional who has to maintain professionalism, efficiency, and style altogether.

Thanks to Calvin Klein, we were able to live out the scenario by testing out the new Spring/Summer 2019 Watch Collection available to shop now at Calvin Klein Canada. 

Visuals by Lucas Pavan and Isabella Pugiotto

This, and all images shot at Toronto Luxury Suites.

The range of styles in this particular collection meet the tastes of a diverse range of people, yet hold intact the simple, elegant design.

For men, each watch possesses a different touch point of masculinity. Opting between a black leather, or silver linked band distinguishes a showpiece from a fluid part of an entire outfit. Women enjoyed the same balance of dainty and strong, either going for a high shine gold plated exterior, to a large-faced meshed band statement piece.

Ksenia Edwards


“I tend to wear a lot of neutrals, so the rose gold complimented everything well. I also found this watch was the perfect accompaniment as I transitioned from day-to-night. It was was simple enough to wear for daily tasks, and luxe enough to wear out for dinners or events.”


Josh Davies

Director of Photography

“This watch was the perfect accessory to dress casual and to dress up. The minimal look blends form and function, while the quality alone makes it worth the investment.

Josh wears the Even Stainless Steel Mesh Analog Watch in black.


Ivana Chavez

Digital Editor

“My watch was sleek and contemporary and gave a perfect touch of modern elegance.”

“I would pair my watch with either a classic black mini-dress and kitten heels, or even with a plain white t-shirt and denim, making being perfect for any occasion.”


Julia Shelton

Campaigns Director

“My watch became a staple very fast. Without noticing it being on because of its minimal design, it still elevated all my outfits with its gold shine and thin, delicate band. I wear it to compliment a patterned outfit, or to dress up a muted palette if I decide to wear monochrome.”

Julia wears the Rise Stainless Steel Analog Watch in Gold – now only available in Silver.


Tasha Tobias

Head of Partnerships

“My watch, which had a mesh styled silver band with an oversized face complimented my style perfectly, as I tend to gravitate towards a more masculine wardrobe. The oversized face of the watch gives it an almost boyfriend style look.”

Shop what our team wore and more at Calvin Klein Canada,  because everyone can use a timeless staple piece in their life.

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