Former Kidz Bop, Indi Star, is making her way as an up and coming singer-songwriter, who is paving the way for her next big single! After previously working with creative endeavors, partnering with brands such as Nickelodeon and Casetify, and voicing for change in campaigns such as Creatable World, Indi has now released a music video to her latest single “Afterglow”.

1. What does “Afterglow” mean to you? What was going through your mind when you were creating this song?
To me, the “Afterglow” in a relationship, is that time in the beginning of a new relationship when everything seems perfect, and you just look back on any time spent together as magical. This is before reality comes crashing back in and you realize that all is not perfect. This song and video capture those beginning moments when everything just seems so perfect.
2. How did you come up with the style for “Afterglow‘ music video?
The treatment for Afterglow came about through the emotions and feelings we wanted to invoke from the song. The dreamy lighting and camera movements capture that magical time when everything just seems so perfect.
3. How was making a music video different from the times you’re on set shooting television series?
Making my own music video really is a different process than being on set for television and film. The main difference is that it’s a different pace for filming. When filming for tv or film, there is a lot of sitting and waiting to film because I would not be in every scene. For my music videos, I’m in every scene and it definitely moves alot faster. We shot the video in one day, so we were really moving!
4. What other projects do you have in the making? 
I’m really concentrating on music this year. I have two more songs recorded and about 8 more songs in different stages of development! I am hoping to release 4-6 songs and music videos total this year!
5. What is a piece of advice you have for people making their first music video?

Plan, plan, plan! Come up with a treatment, which is the overall feel you want the video to have! Location and lighting for the video is extremely important. Take your time finding the right locations and lighting setup! Remember that lighting changes throughout the day, so time your shots! Come up with a shot plan and take more than one shot of each scene. Make each scene longer than you think you need, so that you have room to edit! Try to stay on schedule for the time you have planned for the shoot. And lastly, have fun when filming!