How did this collaboration with Kia come to fruition? 

  • My team had been in discussions about finding some exciting new ways to launch my forthcoming single. It’s been a while since I’ve last released music commercially and I really took some time to refresh and reinvent myself. When I found out Kia was also rebranding and reinventing it felt like an organic and authentic fit. Kia recently unveiled its new identity, and I loved its ideas, especially around its electric car, the EV6 and powering my rock show using the car. Kia Canada is very forward-thinking, environmentally conscious and shares the same passion for its customers as I do for delivering music and a great show to my fans.


What are your thoughts on the Kia EV6? 

  • I had personally never driven an electric car. I had an idea of what an electric car might look like and was a bit apprehensive about it at first only because I was thinking it might look like a science project. When I saw the new EV6 I was pleasantly surprised. It’s sexy. It’s something I would drive and it has a really edgy look about it – nothing like what I had known Kia to be like before. 


What was it like being back on stage after live performances were non existent for over a year? 

  • I truly feel like live music has healing powers. I am beyond happy to not only have shows finally start opening back up in Canada but also to have new music to share with my fans after so many years. I would say all of that pent up energy and emotion manifested in a supercharged performance at #KiaElectricSound. The audience was giving great energy as well and I could feel the love virtually from everyone streaming the event as well. Can’t wait to do more live shows, very soon!


Congrats on the new single, it’s amazing! Can you tell me a little more about it? 

  • Glad you like it, thanks so much. My new single FCKN IN LOVE was actually written many years ago and was always a favorite of mine. It was intended for a previous album that I never ended up releasing and then I took some time off to live a little and gather new inspiration. There is something really infectious about the song that has always stuck with me. I think the hook of the song is a pretty universal message and the song overall is just about that overwhelming feeling of love, excitement and emotion you feel when you fall in love, but presented through a boost of adrenaline as opposed to a sappy ballad. I just wanted something kick ass to perform like that felt declarative and packed a punch. 


What was the creative process like behind making it? 

  • This was one of those writing sessions where I almost raced into the studio session and the words were pouring out of me. I was sharing with my co-writers just how in love I was feeling at that given time and trying my best to articulate or make sense of it all. It was almost like talking to a group of girlfriends about this budding romance but in the form of a song. I’m so grateful to the producer, Tawgs, who did such a great job of helping to narrate my thoughts with his talent. Even though this has been in the vault for some time, it feels fresh and almost like it’s now finally the right time to share it with the world. 


Do you have any rituals or routines you practice to get into a creative head space? 

  • I journal a lot because I like to record and remember or remind myself of things that happen, so I tend to finish my day by journaling and that’s a great source of inspiration for me in the studio when I’m writing music. I’ve always had an affinity for classic romance movies as well and so when I’m in a writing mode I can almost imagine myself as some of my favorite characters or in the scenarios that I think we all experience at one time or another. Above anything, I need my coffee in order to awaken my brain, so that would be the ritual that is a must.


What career plans are you most excited about for the rest of the year? 

  • I’m in such a great creative space at the moment and working with some really incredibly talented people. I’ve been actively writing for other artist projects and more recently on my own music for a forthcoming project. This new single is my focus at the moment but we’ll be rolling out a lot of new content this summer and we have some exciting news coming in the fall as well. The flood gates are starting to open and I’m feeling better than ever – ready to get back out on the road, share new music and do what I love.

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