Super green drinks are the hottest food trend on social media right now.

As a result, with the winter season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to elevate your daily lifestyle with powdered greens that are specially crafted to offer enhanced health support and energy levels while promoting overall well-being.

Enter, Nature’s Sunshine Power Greens. 

This potent source of essential nutrients is chock full of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that ensure a sensational blend of grains, greens, and other superfoods required to maintain optimal health. With this recent surge in popularity of super green drinks on the rise, HOLR was curious to put Nature’s Sunshine’s Power Greens to the ultimate test to see if the product really does live up to the hype. 

Keep reading to learn more about Nature’s Sunshine Power Greens. Plus, check out my honest thoughts after testing and trying out the product, below.

Nature’s Sunshine Power Greens

The History Of Nature’s Sunshine

Since the brand’s inception in 1972, Nature’s Sunshine has expanded from a small, family-owned business to a leading global health and wellness company. 

With over 200+ premium products to choose from, Nature’s Sunshine has everything from targeted care to daily essentials and weight management solutions. There’s really something for everyone! As a result, the brand’s natural health products feature the best raw ingredients Mother Earth has to offer because they’re created from nature and rooted in science to ensure effective results.

HOLR’s Honest Review: Nature’s Sunshine’s Power Greens

So, why are people raving about powdered greens? Aside from their health benefits, they’re convenient and portable which allows you to ensure that you’re actively supporting your immunity, digestion, and energy at any point in time during the day.

In the case of Nature’s Sunshine’s Power Greens, this is a fast and effective way to incorporate nutrient-dense plant foods into your diet thanks to the brand’s innovative, holistic superfood blend that offers clinically effective levels of essential nutrients. 

I’m always on the go, so I was excited to try Nature’s Sunshine’s Power Greens since it’s a super convenient way to ensure that I’m getting the daily vitamins and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, Nature’s Sunshine’s Power Greens include 2 full servings of vegetables in every glass- plus vitamins and minerals. The whole vegetables and fruits within help power-charge nutrition while the nutrient-dense greens work to improve your immune system- ensuring you look and feel your best from the inside, out.

It’s great that this whole food supplement features a variety of nutritious plant foods such as: quinoa, amaranth, and spirulina, along with the ancient Aztec seed chia that provides unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In addition, Nature’s Sunshine’s Power Greens contain fructooligosaccharides (prebiotics that help your friendly bacteria), plus enzymes to support digestion. As well, this formula contains high antioxidant ‘power’ greens such as kale, broccoli, alfalfa, artichoke, parsley, spirulina, spinach, and chlorella which can help supplement your diet.

Now, onto the taste test.

I wasn’t expecting Nature’s Sunshine’s Power Greens to taste the best- since this is usually the case with powdered greens- but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this product in particular offers a light, refreshing taste that I thoroughly enjoyed. Trust me, this is an effective greens product that actually tastes good. 

I chose to mix the recommended* amount of powdered greens with water in order to consume it and was happy to learn that nature’s Sunshine’s Power Greens’ unique formula includes 19 nutrient-dense greens, along with upcycled fiber, enzymes, antioxidants, and more. As well, Power Greens is 100% Vegan, non-GMO, gluten-, soy- and dairy-free, keto-friendly, and made with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

*Recommendation (adults): Take 1 scoop (12.3 g) daily. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications or natural health products. Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 4-6 weeks.

Nature’s Sunshine Power Greens

This is the perfect way to ensure I am getting my daily dose of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals every day thanks to the convenient design that allows me to pour the product into my beverage of choice, grab it, and go! I also love that I don’t have to think about whether or not I am getting the appropriate amount of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis- the product is doing all of the prep work for me! This is perfect for those with a busy schedule, or if anyone running around doing errands, because you can pop the product into a travel cup and take it with you- it’s super convenient!

Since trying the product, it has become a part of my daily routine because it offers a nutritious blend of whole grains, greens, and superfoods that I should be incorporating into my everyday diet and provides antioxidants that help me maintain good health. Honestly, I feel good- both physically and mentally- knowing I am using a product that is formulated to support my body’s immunity, digestion, and energy.

Final Verdict

Nature’s Sunshine’s Power Greens have the HOLR stamp of approval. 

The convenient packaging coupled with the benefits of the nutrient-dense greens makes this product a true winner overall. I was a big fan of the taste and appreciated how the included whole vegetables and fruits worked together to ensure power-charged nutrition right from the start. For instance, this product features:

  • Fibers from upcycled vegetables for gut health
  • Enzymes for digestive support you can feel
  • Immune boosters to keep you going strong

All in all, this is a definite add-to-cart because it features a whole-food combination of over 30

non-GMO grains, greens, and superfoods, carefully selected and integrated for their excellent nutritional value and antioxidant properties.

Be sure to check out the product here for more information and to shop Nature’s Sunshine’s Power Greens!

Nature’s Sunshine Power Greens

Risk Information: Consult a health care practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you are taking blood thinners, if you are taking any prescription medication, or if you have a liver disorder. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Do not use if you have hypokalemia, high blood pressure, kidney or cardiovascular disorder, if you are taking thiazide diuretics, cardiac glycosides, corticosteroids, stimulant laxatives or other medications which may aggravate electrolyte imbalance. Stop use if hypersensitivity/allergy occurs.

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