According to a TikTok video, the song Ulterior Motives has allegedly been found- supposedly thanks to a Reddit user. 

Ulterior Motives Lost Media

As noted in this TikTok video posted by user @noahglenncarter, the history behind this song is that a few years back, a clip of this song- that was named “Ulterior Motives”- went viral online. The song is also reportedly known as “Everyone Knows That.”


The somg ulterior motives has finally been goind #foryou #ulteriormotives #solved

♬ original sound – NoahGlennCarter

Ulterior Motives Reddit

As the TikToker goes on to explain, the song has an 80’s vibe but people could not place their finger on where it was from- it was evidently an alleged mystery. This one song caused the internet to come together and figure out where it was from, as the TikToker explains.

This was, until today.

Ulterior Motives Song Angels of Passion

As the TikToker notes, the song apparently comes from an adult movie, called “Angels of Passion” which is from the 80s. Someone on a Reddit thread allegedly figured this out and now the song has reportedly been identified.

Ulterior Motives By Christopher Booth

The TikToker explains that although the song has been found, it is allegedly still a mystery who sings it. However, people took to the comment section to detail that they believe Christopher Booth made it. This has reportedly been confirmed.

Ulterior Motives Christopher S Booth

What do you think of these claims surrounding the once-mysterious song?

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