We really can do it all and Modern Day Wife is here to make sure we know we can! Created by gal pals and power duo Meghan & Meagan; Modern Day Wife encourages women juggling it all to not only do it, but to THRIVE; hosting panels and events all year round to help women acquire the skills & tools needed to balance all aspects of life; whether that be personal, career, and relationships. Session 1. of the upcoming panel “Think Outside The Box” launches Sept 24th. The gal pal, power duo tell us about Modern Day Wife, “Think Outside The Box”panels, business & motivation tips, and more!

Tell us a bit about Modern Day Wife; how it came to be, mission statements, goals, etc. 

Meagan: Modern Day Wife is an emerging lifestyle brand that is encouraging and helping women who are juggling to do it all – and gives them tools so they pivot from “Juggling” to “thriving”. And, that’s the woman who is looking to balance and have fun with her career, family, social life – being a partner, maybe she even has kids. She wants to do it all, learn tools from those with proven results and experience, and stay on-trend with important knowledge for her career, finances, family life, children and friends. 

I came up with the concept for The Modern Day Wife in 2018, the brand did not come into fruition until the end of 2019. This is when we hosted our first networking brunch and in 2020 Meghan Fialkoff came on board and we have been expanding the brand at a fast rate ever since!

Meghan: Modern Day Wife is focused on the woman balancing her career, home life, personal life, and relationships. We want to provide the option to host co-ed events, talking about couples, etc. An emerging lifestyle brand encouraging women who are juggling everything to do it all!


What is the “Think Outside the Box” panel? 

Think Outside the Box is an online workshop series where we have partnered with Project You to

present three unique online events (Sept 24, October 27th and December 2)

All three of these online events will share a unique topic that inspires them to really ‘Think

Outside the Box’ in this specific area of their life.

For this first series on Sept 24th , the theme is ‘Long Term Dreams and Short Term Goals’ it is all about really helping this Modern Women get back to thriving given the challenges she has had to overcome or face during the recent global pandemic. We chose these four expert speakers who have proven results and achieved tremendous success while managing many things at once — including the ups and downs of life and business. They will share with us the strategies and systems that they utilize and how to put them into action and keep them thriving.

What are your top tips on staying motivated during COVID/ times of uncertainty, and change?

Stay in action 

  • Always working on business or life, directing attention off of negativity, whatever that may be. Put your energy behind creating something to make a difference, inspire, or to help businesses.

Plan for the future

  • Do some dream building, it’s always exciting! “What could things be like?” “What could we create?”

Find Positivity 

  • Positive news, businesses, donations. Keeping your environment positive & happy creates a better space for motivation.


What is the most significant effect of change in regard to the new way of thriving in business? 

Meghan: Being able to adapt to change and think outside the box — find new ways to connect with your customers, get your product or service known and provide something of value. 

Meagan: The biggest effect is on small businesses – negative but could be a positive light to it. It’s been hard because so many companies had to close doors and lay off staff. It puts into perspective what something like this can do to the economy. I feel a compassionate understanding for these people, but I feel a lot of them had to be resilient – people have found other ways to do things, make money, have a comeback. Tapping into a different skillset so your business stays alive. People have created really cool online programs.


What are some basic, top tips for businesses & entrepreneurs?

  • Always keep your connections – continue to invest in relationships
  • Invest In yourself to remain and stay confident
  • Invest in training — always have your skills up to date
  • Think outside the box – new ways to connect with your customer, provide value & good exchange, new ways to get your product/service known?

Have your overall goal written out — if you could have everything you want, if you could create your business exactly as you’d want – what would be your goal? Now that you have that – write it all down and now work backwards to figure out how to get there. That’s how you make a dream a reality and totally do-able ! 

Nothing is certain – even when things go back to normal, we adapt, or have a perfect plan. So, what are some proactive tips for businesses and entrepreneurs?

Plan for multiple streams or revenue or ways you can do business

Find marketing alternatives 

Plan collaborations 

Look at your business plan and finances and know where you can make cuts if necessary 

Promote promote promote – promote and get attention wherever you can. People are watching and listening now – they’re home, they have time, they can listen or watch. Get out your name, message, products everywhere and get your company known and… promoted! 

What do you hope to see next in the fashion & beauty industry? 

 Meghan: I love how fashion right now really is diverse – meaning, if you’re super feminine there’s a line for you and that look is in, or if you’re into athleisure, that’s also in style and Okay to wear – fashion right now I think works for all styles and all tastes which is really great. Rather than the grunge of the 90s being the only look or turquoise eyeshadow w bell bottoms being the look after Clueless came out – now you can go on Instagram and find so many brands, so many start up fashion lines, all different prices, etc. I think that’s really fantastic and important. So what do I hope to see next? Maybe more collaborations with high end designers and H & M or ASOS or less expensive brands. People can be more budget conscious right now and so I think we need more of these types of partnerships right now!

Meagan: In fashion I have really loved is the cool concepts of consignment. In the industry there is more of the mix – rather than fast fashion “whats this piece that can be re-worn? How do I donate pieces in my closet?” Being a conscious consumer. Brands bringing staples. Beauty: there are always those looks that take time – but also the natural look is in and a lot of products are coming out as a 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 as a women on the go – get great products and beautiful face in less time. – segment in this event


What are some exciting projects or events we can see next from Modern Day Wife?

We are excited to launch our podcast later this year!

We have two more events coming up this fall, the second is on October 27th and the third will be late Novembers/Early December 

A launch party in 2021 for the LA Chapter

What are you hoping people take away from the “Thinking Outside the Box” Panel?

Meghan: Knowing how to achieve some of the goals they had intended for in 2020 and actually making that happen. Having a blue print for the future when they go to set their goals. Learning what steps have worked for our panel and implementing that into their lives. 

Meagan: First one is all about goal setting: inspiring that person that maybe felt a bit defeated. Help the person get inspired, make a plan for the rest of the year, achieve the goals originally set, and walk away feeling or knowing they can do it or actions to take to achieve their goals. Duplicating what worked for them.

How do you define self-care/how do you incorporate it into your work and daily life? 

Meghan: Self-care can look different for everyone, I think what gives one person energy may be different for someone else. For myself, I like to take time daily to exercise, this gets my mindset right for the day and really fuels me with the energy I need to get creative. I also include short walks into my day, I love to get outside, get some space and a stretch — I think taking breaks from the computer and cell phone is so helpful! I also am a big fan of taking time to get ready in the morning, doing my hair care and skin care routine — this is one of my favorite things to do.

Having a schedule —- you have to schedule out your day so you can include the smoothie or the bath or the run. Figure out what time you need to wake up and go to bed and really be real about what you can or can’t do. This way you don’t do things in fits and starts. This way, even If you start out only exercising twice a week, at least you stuck with a schedule and can work up to what your ideal schedule would be. 

Meagan: Self-care is different for everyone. I find trying to take a quick break during the day off our electronics – taking a walk or a break to sit outside. I’m a big fan of taking the time to do the full self care/cleanse routine. – whatever your skin care or hair acre routine could be.

Check out MDW’s  session 1. Think Outside The Box Panel on September 24th 2020, and stay tuned for upcoming session and more fun, skill building talks and events!