Carson Briere Reddit Video

Carson Briere, the 23-year-old son of Gatineau hockey legend Daniel Briere, has been removed from the Mercyhurst University men’s hockey team following an incident in which he pushed an unoccupied wheelchair down a staircase at a bar in Erie, Pennsylvania. The incident, which occurred on March 11 and was caught on surveillance camera, led to Briere’s temporary suspension from the team and charges being pressed against him and another Mercyhurst athlete.

On Monday night, Mercyhurst Athletics confirmed that Briere had been removed from the university’s hockey team. The incident has sparked a discussion on social media, with some Reddit users praising the university’s decision to hold Briere accountable for his actions.

“One user on Reddit said ‘Yeah, some people just refuse to learn. Hopefully losing his ability to play college hockey teaches him to stop acting like a total scumbag.” 

The incident has also raised questions about the culture surrounding college athletics and whether athletes are given special treatment. Some users have pointed out that Briere’s father’s name recognition likely lent some prestige to the hockey programs at both Mercyhurst and Arizona State University, where Briere played before transferring to Mercyhurst.

“I think he definitely thought he was above the law because he was a college athlete and his Dad played in the NHL, so good job by both ASU and Mercyhurst for holding him accountable despite his Dad’s name recognition that probably lent some prestige to their hockey programs,” another Reddit user commented.

While Briere’s removal from the Mercyhurst hockey team is a step towards accountability, it remains to be seen what other consequences he will face for his actions. However, this incident should serve as a reminder that athletes are not above the law and that actions have consequences, regardless of who you are or who your parents are.

Published by HOLR Magazine.