These are 3 simple ideas that will make your days happier and provide more time to enjoy life as the environment you make your home be will be better and better.

Using light colours avoid dark

One of the biggest home improvements you can do to your place is adding light colours and getting rid of the dark colours. This can work for nearly anything in your home, whether it is furniture, bedsheets or wallpaper. The reason why this works is that light and bright colours are very much the colours humans would naturally see on a sunny day in an area full of life. Though white is great and will help your mood, having light colours is far superior. The light colour combination is drastically more aesthetically pleasing than other combinations that most tv and movie set decorations often employ very light coloured rooms and environments. This trick has been in the business for decades and used to be the norm centuries ago. It wasn’t until recently did bright light colours like pink become negative. Franklin D. Roosevelt wore pink often throughout his childhood as it was the norm. This idea works best if each category of rooms has its own designated colour, the reason for this is variation and a change in scenery. Often when having a negative emotion it’s great to change scenery, and having different themes in your home will help. No place is too big or too small for this idea, so enjoy decorating your place to your heart’s content.

Incorporate Nature

Plants are wonderful to include in your home, even if they are fake. The reason for this falls back to the reasoning in trick 1. Having an environment that is similar to the environment humans first evolved in greatly increases our mental health and makes us happier. This has been shown in numerous studies and has been known for several centuries even over a millennium in certain places around the world. Plants and nature-like things will also make the home feel cosier and home-like. Using wood is great for this idea, but incorporating it with plants and especially colourful flowers works wonders for our mental health. Some great ways to include this into your home is wooden furniture, flower wallpapers or stained glass, and a current Instagram trend is incorporating flowers into green carpets. This inclusion of nature also works great with natural lighting, now this is hard to include in decoration, but it is possible. Understanding how natural lights not only affect mental health but also your sleeping schedule which influences your energy levels and even more so your mental health. So when you are looking for your next home, keep this in mind!

Loads of Storage

The last tip we have for improving your home in order to make your life easier is a more practical tip than an aesthetic tip. Loads and loads of storage space will drastically improve your quality of life. Think of it this way, the point of a big house is to hold more things. The point of two fridges is to have more food at your disposal. It makes sense why people pay more for more storage space as it means you have to travel to get those things less often. Storage also helps cover clutter allowing you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying life. Increasing storage is easily a great spend of money as it frees up a lot of your time to either relax or provide time to work on a second source of income.

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