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With the nice warm weather finally at our door, the last thing any of us would want to spend time on is fixing up our homes. However, if your home has suffered some damage during the colder months and is in need of some touch-ups, now’s the perfect time to take care of them.

But to avoid dealing with the same scenario when next spring rolls around, there are some smart home maintenance tips you can try out that will significantly reduce both the need and the cost of any potential repairs.

That being said, let’s check them out.

Inspect your roof 

When spring arrives after a long and cold winter, it is the best time to check your roof and attic for possible cracks and leaks because it will be easy to spot them. Some little damages you can fix yourself, or with help of a handyman, but if there are some larger areas damaged it is best to hire a roofer. Check the seals around the chimneys and ventilation stacks. Inspect the roof insulation, and renew it if needed. Find the best ideas and suggestions on insulation4less and choose only the best options for your home. The insulation is there to keep the atmosphere in your house pleasant all year round, so it is of great importance to invest in a good product.

Clean out the gutters

Fall and winter can contribute to serious debris buildup in your gutters, so you need to make sure you clean them out regularly. Blocked gutters can lead to water pooling which can cause some serious structural damage to both gutters and your home. On the other hand, regular inspection, cleaning and maintenance will eliminate this issue, and – or course – reduce the need for some serious repairs later on.

Prepare your house for the new season

After cleaning the roof and the gutters, inspect the outside of your house. Check to see if there are any cracks in the walls and seal them. Also determine if you need any shingles repairs. Take a good look at the facade and foundation, repair all the cracks and – if needed – give your house a new foundation coating. Clean up the shutters and the windows, to make your house shine, and don’t forget about your patio. Inspect the wood, see if there’s any damage or if it could benefit from a fresh coat of paint or lacquer. Replace any damaged or broken fence or railing and see if your stars also need any TLC.

Shrubs and trees

Check the shrubs and trees around your house. If there are any signs of illness on your shrubs and trees, you should call the experts to tell you how to cure your greenery. Cut off any dry branches before they do any damage to the roof, windows, or potentially your car even. Trim your shrubs to give them a nicer look. Fill in the bald patches in your loan now that it is pleasantly warm and before the summer heat, and add some flowers to your garden and patio. Finally, if any of your hedges are dead, renew them and give them a nice trim.

Inspect your HVAC

To avoid expensive breakdowns of your HVAC unit in the middle of a season, inspect it regularly. Nobody wants to have to deal with the stress related to a broken HVAC system in the middle of summer, so make sure you run regular checkups. Additionally, clean out your filters, as well as the outdoor unit frequently, to improve the performance of your system, as well as the indoor air quality. Finally, you can even sprinkle the filters with some essential oils to make your indoor smell pleasantly every time you turn your HVAC unit on. 

Published by HOLR Magazine.