How did Tammy Hembrow and Matt Zukowski meet?

Tammy Hembrow Husband

According to this TikTok video posted by user @wheresyourheadatpod, Hembrow is opening up about how she and fiancé Zukowski met.

Image Credit: @wheresyourheadatpod TikTok

Tammy Hembrow Boyfriend

Supposedly, the podcast Zukowski hosts- Where’s Your Head At?”- had been coming up a lot on Hembrow’s  TikTok “For You Page” so he caught her eye in the past even though she didn’t look much into it previously.

Although she doesn’t really look at her DMs, she also noted that his stuck out to her because she had seen him on the podcast before and thought he was “really handsome.” Hembrow then claims that Zukowski slid into her social media direct messages (DMs) and she decided to open it and chat.

The rest is history!

Tammy Hembrow Fiance

The pair got engaged in 2023 while on holiday.

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