In this exclusive interview we chat with Influencer Tammy Hembrow, giving us a sneak peek into her life as a fitness expert, entrepreneur, and mom of two.

Interview by: Julia Shelton

HOLR: We love the colourful and feminine aesthetic of Saski Collection. What is your process for thinking of new styles?

TH: I design new styles that I would love to wear myself. I think my online audience knows my style, and I like to inspire with new looks — which is a big part of why my audience engages with me. So when I think of new styles, I like to create what I think is on-trend, fashionable and good quality.

HOLR: What’s been the most exciting part since starting Saski Collection?

TH: The response! I’m so appreciative of every Saski Girl out there. When I see girls in my clothing it honestly makes me so happy.

HOLR: What brands are you loving right now?

TH: Daisy, Good American, Tacoola, and Fenty Beauty. These are all brands that I’m really loving! I think they’re a good mix of styles and products too.

HOLR: Any words of advice for someone looking to take control of their body by changing their lifestyle choices?

TH: To make the time for it. If they need that extra motivation, I would suggest starting with a friend. It can make it less daunting and you can hold each other accountable.

HOLR: What was your motivating force behind getting active and building a strict healthy lifestyle?

TH: How good I feel when I work out as opposed to when I Don’t. When I eat well and get my workout in I have more energy for my kids and I honestly feel better in general.

HOLR: How do you balance motherhood with the gym, blogging, running a clothing company, and maintaining a consistent social media presence? Any organizational tips?

TH: Well, these days I don’t get much of a social life! I spend a lot of time working, and I try to get to the gym as much as I can. When I’m not doing those things, I like to be at home with my kids. It’s amazing what you can find the time for when you really want to. It’s important to take a break and recoup.

HOLR: What would you tell your 16-year-old self?

TH: Believe in yourself, don’t let anyone bring you down and you can achieve everything you work towards.

HOLR: A piece of advice you’ll always remember?

TH: Start with what you have, there will always be something to wait for but you can always start with the resources that you already have because every little bit adds up.

HOLR: What would you tell someone looking to engage with an audience on social media?

TH: Be authentic. With how saturated the market is right now, it’s important to be yourself. Be honest and focus on what you’re passionate about. People relate to the other people. I would also add that you should try not to let the negativity get to you. Online bullying is bigger now than ever and the best way not to add to the problem is to not engage. Instead, be the online person that sets an example.



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