Australian influencer, Tammy Hembrow, is trending online after getting a melanoma scare and warning others about getting their skin checked. 

According to this TikTok video posted by Tammy herself, the fitness influencer is warning people about getting their skin checked after having a health scare earlier.


Go book that skin check rn guys 🤍

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In the video, Hembrow states that they had to take a “chunk” out of her leg because of the melanoma that she has. Recently, the influencer had to get skin cancer cut out of her leg because it was diagnosed as melanoma which could spread quickly if not addressed. Luckily, the influencer caught it early and had it removed.

Melanoma can be deadly if it’s too late and it spreads so Hembrow had to take action quickly. She stated that the chunk they took out has been sent for testing to make sure it was all removed.

After the ordeal, she urged her followers to get regular skin checks to ensure all is good. She’s lucky she caught it in time but if you wait too long it could be too late. Hembrow also admitted to going in the sun a lot and not regularly wearing sunscreen which could contribute to damaging skin-related issues. She admitted to “absolutely regretting” those decisions now after her diagnosis and wants her followers to ensure they are regularly checking their skin to make sure there are no issues.

At the end of the video, Hembrow cautions her viewers before showing a graphic image of her skin after the chunk of her skin was removed for testing.

Tammy Hembrow Kids

Hembrow has three children- Wolf (6), Sakia (5), and Posy, who was born in 2022.

Tammy Hembrow Baby Daddy

Hembrow has two baby daddies, Reece Hawkins- who is the father of Wolf and Saskia- and Matt Poole- who is Posy’s father.

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