On a typical day, what will breakfast, lunch, and dinner look like for you?

Tammy Hembrow: I have to be able to modify my meals according to how busy I am, so most important is that they’re nutritious and quick. With that in mind, I would say my mornings typically start with oats or eggs and greens, and my lunches and dinners usually consist of a lean meat and vegetables or maybe rice. That covers your three main meals but I like to try and eat every two to three hours so I have a lot of healthy snacks to eat on the go, and of course like to fit in a protein shake too. Lately I’ve been making the meals from my Tammy Fit App so I don’t even have to think about it. They’re simple, healthy and super easy to make.

Balance is important, what is your guilty pleasure and how often do you allow yourself to indulge?

Like everyone I have a couple of guilty pleasures, I love donuts and chocolate in moderation!

How often do you work out in a week?

I get the impression that people think I currently work out more than I do. Like many working mom’s can probably relate to, your workload and family often dictates how often you can get to the gym. I currently try to fit in at least three days a week into my schedule. That’s what I also recommend in my booty programs and on my app. It goes to show that what you eat is such a major part part of the equation. There was a time when I would work out five or six days a week but, with my workload and my kids, that’s become more of a challenge. Now I try to fit it in where I can and make sure every workout counts by really pushing myself.

You’re known as a “Gymshark.” How did you become so well versed with fitness knowledge? Was your journey through formal education or are you self-taught?

I have built my skill set and knowledge over the years, following my passions and interests and really focusing on the results I wanted. I have a broad mix of knowledge due to a genuine interest in overall fitness. I originally wanted to be a yoga instructor – which feels like a lifetime ago. From there I wanted to explore weights and how I could use them to shape my body. I surrounded myself with personal trainers and people who helped me perfect my workouts, and mixed education with a test and learn approach to pinpoint what worked best for me. I shared my results and methods with my audience and found many other women shared my ambitions.

What workout Apps and supplements are you currently using and why?

My own! Tammy Fit. My app is something I have put a lot of work into and it’s even helped me improve my workout regime. I wanted it to be flexible enough that you can work it into your schedule and be able to use it as a guide whether you’re experienced at the gym or a beginner. I included all the things that I personally wanted to see in the one app such as a calorie calculator, workouts, diary and meal plans. I have plans to expand the workouts and meal plan library and have lots of ideas for new features in the works for future updates. I honestly use it everyday and it’s amped up my results.

Many look up to you for documenting your journey through pregnancy. Any advice for those expecting who want to stay physically active, while remaining safe?

I have a pregnancy program based on the workouts I did while pregnant, because I was able to do so and my doctor approved it. My best advice would be to listen to your body and think of the health of you and your baby. Every pregnancy journey is different, so just like any change to your fitness regime, you should discuss it with your doctor and get their okay that it’s safe.

What was your workout regime and did it evolve post-pregnancy?

As I was already very active before I became pregnant, I trained as normal during my first trimester as my doctor gave me the okay to do so. So I mostly was doing my glute workouts from my plan and app. In my second and third trimester I switched to my pregnancy program. It accommodated more for the big belly and the increased pressure on my joints. After having my babies, it was important to wait to get back into training because of my caesareans. Once I was given approval from my doctor to work out again I went back into my glute programs to help build my strength back and built up from there.

You once said, “it’s truly incredible what the human body can do.” Besides keeping fit, what is your ultimate achievement this year concerning your personal development?

Accepting failure. That might sound weird, but I think it’s not talked about enough. Some people think I cover myself in a veil of perfection but I know I’m most definitely not perfect, and that’s okay! What I want to do is inspire people to be the best version of themselves. That’s what I’m trying to do. My weight also fluctuates so I get back in the gym. I have good days and bad days, just like everyone else. Failing at things is what has pushed me to do better and improve for next time. So in terms of personal development this year, the things I have failed at have been as significant as my achievements. It forces growth, determination and resilience.

Understanding “macros” can be overwhelming to some at first, any tips and tricks for those just getting started in their journey to a healthier lifestyle?

It can be so confusing; I was overwhelmed at first! I used a couple of different apps and calorie calculators which helped me understand, but this is exactly why I wanted to include this in my app. It allows for the user to enter their details and their goals, it calculates their calories and recommends meals as a guide and you also can add in your own. I wanted to make it as easy as possible to guide people who are overwhelmed. Once you start, you’ll soon get the hang of it. It’s just like learning anything new.

If you can name one lifestyle choice that has led to the greatest impact in your professional career, what would it be?

I honestly can’t. With my brand and career I focus on so many different aspects, whether it’s fitness, fashion or family. If I tried to pinpoint one lifestyle choice I think it would only lead to one profession. I guess you could say following my passions? These passions are something I’ve always wanted to drive my career early and I think making that decision early on has allowed me to pursue so many different avenues in my professional career, which is so fulfilling.

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