Is it over for social media influencer Tammy Hembrow and Love Island’s Matt Zukowski?

Have Tammy Hembrow and Matt Zukowski officially called their relationship- and engagement- quits?

Matt Zukowski Tammy Hembrow

According to this recent article by So Dramatic Online, Hembrow has reportedly deleted recent photos and footage of the pair on Instagram together. This news follows claims that the duo unfollowed each other on IG just to refollow each other after it caused a stir online among fans.

As the article goes on to explain one of the most recent pics of the pair is seemingly from March of this year. All of the recent images Hembrow has posted between now and then supposedly do not include Zukowski which has caused breakup speculation. Although Zukowski still allegedly comments on Hembrow’s photos and Hembrow is reportedly still wearing her engagement ring, it looks like their relationship is not done for good as some may seemingly think.


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Tammy Hembrow and Matt

This news follows allegations of Zukowski cheating on Hembrow, which have caused controversy online. HOLR recently covered the news which alleged that Zukowski was reportedly exposed for texting a “mystery woman.”

As of right now, it is unclear where Hembrow and Zukowski stand- it appears as though they are still together but the rumors of trouble in paradise are still circulating as a result of recent alleged news. We will have to keep an eye on the duo’s relationship to see what happens.

What happened with Tammy and Matt Poole?

Poole and Hembrow were previously engaged and Hembrow gave birth to their daughter, Posy, back in 2022. Hembrow confirmed a breakup later that year. There is no concrete evidence to support claims regarding why they broke up.

Tammy Hembrow Baby Daddy

Hembrow was also previously engaged to Reece Hawkins, who she shares two children with.

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