The COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted the world financial economy. People’s lives change and the careers of thousands of people are significantly affected. Therefore, this pandemic crisis has had a great impact on future jobs.


The evolution of the Covid epidemic and its impact in all aspects of socio-economic life shows that Covid-19 is not simply an epidemic but a combination of natural disaster and economic decline which all happen at the same time. Millions of people were forced to stay at home, schools and businesses were closed, factories were suspended, and all transportation was halted. Therefore, these negative effects have significantly changed the future career.

The most affected economic sectors include accommodation and catering services, manufacturing, retail, business, and administrative activities. Therefore, reducing working hours, taking unpaid leave and severance are the response solutions that many businesses are forced to implement right now, whether they like it or not because there is no choice. According to Statistics Canada, nearly 40 percent of workers were doing their jobs remotely at the end of March during the first wave of the pandemic. The vast majority (85 percent) of those working from homework in finance, insurance, or education. For the industry groups that need to use a lot of knowledge and intelligence, they are more likely to work online from home than the rest of the industry groups, which are businesses, services, and construction engineers. Therefore, this leads to a significant increase in the rate of working remotely in the future. Every task at the office has a quick and effective solution when working through a laptop. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sharp increase in the recruitment demand of occupational groups in the fields of information technology, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and automation in the coming time. This shows that if workers and businesses know how to innovate and apply information technology, they can easily adapt to the needs of society as well as the epidemic situation.

online work

Yousif, the managing director and partner of Boston Consulting Group’s London office, says “People have been more patient in learning new technologies and engaging with them, simply because they’ve had to”. Meetings, seminars as well as handing overwork are done quickly via emails, zoom or skype. It can be said that the need to work via the Internet will become a great revolution after this Covid 19 pandemic. However, it will become more difficult for the business and service sectors with high unemployment, falling wages, and a slowing economy. Even so, predicting the future job market is always unpredictable and there is currently no obvious hiring freeze in the industry. People’s lives are gradually returning after being fully vaccinated, and the strict implementation of social distancing has also made the community make better progress in pandemic prevention. A special thing during this pandemic is that the industrial and biopharmaceutical job markets appear promising in terms of the availability of open positions and hiring. With the need to cure diseases as well as develop and develop good medicines for people, the pharmaceutical industry’s human resources are becoming more necessary than ever.


The good news is that during this pandemic, we can see the determination of the people and the government to fight the epidemic so the community will overcome difficulties in employment and labor will quickly return to a normal rhythm and develop better in the future.