A vaccine and now an antiviral pill that will help combat the risks of COVID-19 and a 50% chance of cutting down the same risk for hospitalization. 

Molnuipiravir is the pill that was initially created to combat the influenza virus, but as influenza and COVID have the same properties, this pill will help reduce the impact and risk of hospitalization from COVID.

Right now COVID 19 is still taking a toll on the entire world. As many countries are rolling out their vaccine protocols and getting most of the population vaccinated, the vaccine could still not help reduce the risk to the full amount.

The pill was created by Merck and Ridgeback Therapeutics and they are seeking emergency authorization in the United States. This authorization will allow for the United States citizen to take a pill that will reduce this risk. Merck and Ridgeback have advised that the pill will stop the disease in its tracks and should be used worldwide to combat the deadly disease.

Right now many other companies are starting to develop an antiviral pill but only Mereck and Ridgeback have the only license to treat COVID 19. With the vaccine and now this antiviral pill this will hopefully be able to get countries back on their feet and get the world back to normal.

Article published by HOLR Magazine