Delta-8 Hemp flower has a lot of buzz surrounding its effects. It offers something that is very similar to Marijuana, but at the same time, it is both legal and less potent. Although there are still some legal issues for users (Delta-8 is legal, but can be mistaken for illegal Cannabis products), there is no doubt that Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol isn’t going anywhere. Even if Cannabis becomes fully legal, these products are still unique enough to maintain their place. 

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If you are planning to buy large amounts of Delta-8 flower at a wholesale price, you probably know that it’s the only realistic way to make a profit on such goods. Still, we cannot help but wonder just how much money a person can save (on average) by buying wholesale Delta-8 flowers. 


There is no way we can give you an accurate cross-section of the entire Hemp market. In order to do that, we would have to sample prices and per-gram rates from every major vendor in the world. While that would be possible, it would be ridiculous and unnecessary. Instead, we will look at a few examples chosen at random. Then, after comparing some popular strains from popular sources, we will calculate the per-gram cost for both regular and wholesale purchases. 

It should be noted that the best wholesale prices are obtained by dealing with the supplying company directly, although not everyone can do that. If you are running a business, you should have no problem working out some sort of arrangement. If not, you will be stuck with the public wholesalers. This isn’t so bad, because you will still save money by dealing with such sources. 


Public Wholesale Prices:

Let’s start by looking for our first good example. It is not easy to find wholesalers that will list their prices publicly, but we did find a good one here. is offering Delta-8 flower that has been sprayed with Delta-8 distillate for extra effect. This flower is offered for $800.00 a pound to $1000.00 a pound. 

So, how much is that per gram? Let’s see. With 16 ounces in a pound, we get each one for $50.00-$62.50. Since there are 28 grams in an ounce, we end up paying anywhere from $1.78 to $2.23 for each one. That is a very low price indeed, especially when you consider that this flower has been modified for extra potency. We don’t know what strain is being offered here, so we would advise anyone dealing with this company to request that information before proceeding. Again, these examples are chosen at random so don’t take them as endorsements. 


For another comparison, we found another wholesaler price here. This one, thankfully, offers us a little more information, including pictures of the flowers in question. The price for a single pound is $725, making it even cheaper than our last selection. That comes out to $45.31 per ounce and $1.61 per gram. If you buy five pounds, the cost per pound goes down to $700. This is also sprayed flower, but it seems that most of the Delta-8 flower on the market is of this kind. 

Of course, it is important to verify that you are getting Delta-8 THC and not its illegal cousin Delta-9. Their effects are very similar, so some unscrupulous sellers might try to pass off illicit Marijuana as “Delta-8 Hemp” to get it past the authorities. There are test kits that you can buy, but you probably don’t need to do the test more than once per merchant. If one product is compliant, it is probably safe to assume that the rest are also legit. 


Non-Wholesale Prices For Hemp Flower

If you’ve taken a look at the price of Hemp flowers, you already know that they are a lot more expensive than the wholesale examples listed above. However, we need some specific numbers here, so let’s look for a couple more examples. Here is a non-wholesale source that seems to offer high-quality merchandise. Their reviews seem pretty solid, so we can conclude that this is a good example.

As you can see, a pound of Hemp from this supplier would cost you $1,350. By the time you add tax and shipping, you are probably looking at a price closer to $1,400. That’s almost twice the cost of a wholesale pound! That also comes out to $84.37 per ounce and $3.01 per gram. Thus, we can say that there is a 50% price savings when you buy wholesale Hemp flower…at least, in this case. 

We do want to provide more than one example to make sure we get it right, so here is one more. Some people like to buy their Hemp pre-rolled, so we figured that we should probably include one of those products. As you can see, these pre-rolled cones contain 1 gram each and cost $7.65. 

$7.65 per gram is a pretty expensive price, so this is very much a luxury option. When we compare this price to our other non-wholesale option, we can see that you are basically paying someone an additional $4.64 per gram to roll your Hemp for you. Not very cost-effective at all! 


Although these figures are based on random examples, we think they provide a good window into the differences that exist between wholesale and non-wholesale prices. As you can see, those differences are very large. This kind of thing explains why companies that buy wholesale are able to make money on Hemp flowers. That wholesale price makes a huge difference and allows for a decent profit margin. You can’t expect anyone to supply the things you want for free, but we hope we have helped you to get them a little cheaper. Until next time, we wish you pleasant smoking.