Edition is thrilled to announce the grand opening of their first cannabis retail destination this December in Toronto, trailblazing a new kind of shopping experience. The high-concept brand unveils an unrivaled cannabis experience with the focus on impeccable service and an affinity for design. The flagship store, located at 270 Dupont Street in The Annex neighbourhood, will artfully blend curated cannabis offerings, luxury smoking accessories, specially mixed playlists, and exclusive signature items.


In partnership with award-winning Toronto-based architecture firm StudioAC – an emerging name in the contemporary design scene – Edition shares the belief that good design, architecture, and art have universal appeal and should be present in the identity of all retail experiences, including cannabis.


The luxury cannabis brand’s founders, Ryan Roebuck and Dennis Bennie, felt that cannabis retail lacked the inclusiveness and refined experience that reflected the traditional retailers they preferred. Edition was created to fill this void and serve its community’s needs and shopping preferences.


Stay tuned to see what exciting offerings Edition has in store in the months ahead.

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