Planting beds are a beautiful decorative addition to your front or backyard and they can surely color up your home very well. It is one of the best solutions out there when you are looking to add colors to your home and want to make it look more lively, so creating one is always a great idea. However, there are some things you should know before getting started with this little project to make sure you will do everything fine and the result will be satisfying. Follow this article to learn what you should know and consider before you create your first planting bed.

Consider worm casting

Worm casting is a natural type of fertilizer that is surely just right for your newly built garden. If you are worried about all the chemicals, you are choosing wisely to go for these options because it is just the opposite of that. This is an odor free, fast acting and burn-proof fertilizer and if you decide to go with Simple Grow Soil you will not regret it. This is surely the first step towards having a way healthier and more organic garden where everything will still grow and sprout smoothly.

Choose colours and textures

Gardening is usually something where you are looking for a neat look in the end, rather than something chaotic and jungle-like. That is why the first thing you have to consider is what kind of colours you want inside your planting bed. This is the part where you should read into which colours go with which, or where you can find different shades of the same colour to make something out of that. Always make sure that the colour is at least complementary and that they go with each other perfectly. The flowers are not the only thing you have to look at here, but the plants’ foliage as well because it also gives a specific color that should blend in with the rest of the planting bed.

Install a weed barrier

This is something that you use along with the garden mulch which you need to hold the weed barrier in one place, while also protecting it from UV rays as well as hiding it from the view. When talking about the material you should make the weed barrier from, the most common one for planting beds is woven landscape fabric. These barriers can let water, nutrients, and air penetrate down to the soil and reach your plants. For holding it together, you can also use garden staplers to hold them in one place and it is especially helpful if you are setting your planting bed on a slope.

Watch how you install the plants

Once the weed barrier is laid down and secured, it is time for you to install the plants in your new planting bed. This is done by cutting X-shaped slits in the fabric of the weed barrier where you will later place the plants you got. All you should do is lay down the plants onto the fabric and mark their location, after which you are ready to cut the slits with the utility knife. Now it is time to pull the mulch out of the planting area and start digging small holes at the places where you cut the barrier.

bed of red roses

You can also install the plants before placing down the weed barriers but why would you make your job harder than it has to be? If you mulch everything out before you plant the flowers, a lot of hard work will be avoided and you will not be afraid to back over a plant with the wheelbarrow.

Arrange the plants nicely

Since you are probably building this planting bed for aesthetic reasons you should make sure that it is eye candy for you and everyone else looking at it. The best way to do this is by arranging the plants nicely so that everything is symmetric and even pyramidal. This is done by putting the tallest plants on the edges of the planting bed, the medium-height ones in the middle row, and the front row is of course reserved for the low plants. With this sort of arrangement, you will have the most beautiful garden you can make with your own two hands. Mix what you learned in this chapter with the colors, and everybody will surely be jealous once they set foot in your yard and see what you achieved.

There, now you know the basics of installing a beautiful planting bed, and you are ready to do it yourself. Make sure to always read into it some more because it will never be harmful. Always make sure to use the right fabric for the weed barrier and the right colors for the plants. Make sure to plant them nicely and also arrange them so that they look gorgeous. Good luck creating your first planting bed!