Mitch McConnell froze during a recent news conference. HOLR breaks down the viral video.

Why did Mitch McConnell freeze during a recent news conference? HOLR breaks down the viral story.

Mitch McConnell News

According to this TikTok video posted by user @underhtedesknews, McConnell seemingly suffered a medical event during a news conference recently.


Senator Mitch McConnell froze mid sentence during press conference #uspolitics #senate #news #breakingnews

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Mitch McConnell Freeze Video

As seen in the video, McConnell of Kentucky seems to freeze mid-speech as he is addressing the crowd. He stops talking and stares blankly at the crowd until escorted away. He comes back to speak with the crowd again and when asked if what happened was related to a previous injury when he suffered a concussion, he says something inaudible. When asked if he can fully do his job he seemingly replies, “Yes.”

Mitch McConnell Age

McConnell is 81 years old. It is unconfirmed whether or not McConnell was taken to the hospital or what exactly happened during that viral press conference footage.

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