Christmas for most of us is a time to relax and unwind, to be together with family and friends. However, this year might be a little different.

Unfortunately, many of us are going into the new year’s still under the COVID 19 lockdown. So, what do we do now? how will we enjoy the holidays? Well-read a little further for some tips on how to survive this Christmas lockdown. First things first, it is still Christmas after all so get yourself into the festive spirt, put up your tree and lights, maybe even watch a Christmas movie or two. Those always get me into the Christmas spirit. Knowing that we’re all in this together does make things a little easier, so call up your friends and family, organize zoom game nights with everyone where you can all connect and not feel like you’re completely missing out on the festivities.

Here are a few fun festive games you can play at home with your family. There are many fun games out there but here are my favourite picks. Christmas Movie Trivia, take a giant bowl, write down a bunch of questions from your favourite Christmas movie, split yourselves into teams and enjoy the fun. What’s great about this game is that it can be played over zoom calls so you can enjoy it with the whole family or friends. Create your own advent Christmas boxes and fill them with whatever chocolates or sweets you love. The great bake off, have a baking competition with everyone in your house and see who can create the yummiest Christmas cookies or create the nicest gingerbread houses.

A home Christmas pyjama party night never hurt anyone. So, gather the kids get matching PJs and put on some of your favourite Christmas movies, mine of course is the Grinch. Don’t forget the snacks and your good to go. Make sure to take some time for yourself too, create a home spa day and treat yourself with a face mask in a luxurious bubble bath and before you know it Christmas morning will be at your front door. One last thing, don’t forget about the gifts, it is after all the time for giving right? Make it fun and most importantly stay safe and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New year.