One of the great things about cryptocurrency is how international it is. This stems from how unregulated it is. As long as you have an internet connection, you can buy cryptocurrency.

That means you do not need a license to trade it, a license to hold it, and you do not need approval from any government to spend it. Crypto can go wherever you want. And that also means you can make crypto from anywhere you can find it that is giving it out.

And one of the most popular ways of making crypto is with online casinos.

Finding Reputable Crypto Casinos

It is easy to find crypto casinos online. Lots of countries have laws that encourage online gambling. Even if gambling or online gambling is illegal in your country, you can still connect to these countries to make use of crypto casinos. This is why there are so many crypto casinos in Canada and Europe: They have good laws for online gambling to get businesses to settle there.

But not all online casinos are created equally, and it is a lot easier to find casinos that will scam you than it is to find casinos that will reward your gameplay. So, how do you tell if a casino is a scam? The first and easiest way is by looking at its reputation.

Crypto casinos like Bitstarz and Ignition are both enormous, and that means there have been tons of reviews written about their practices. You don’t have to sift through every word of their contract to find out why they are good casinos. There are people who have done that for you.

However, examining some of the agreements that the casino makes you sign in order to sign up and play is also a good idea. You still don’t have to go over every word though. All you need to do is look for mentions of your “wallet”, “security”, and how they approach the “blockchain”.

A crypto casino should make it easy to transfer your winnings to your crypto wallet. If they are not transparent about how to get your winnings, then you probably shouldn’t trust them. The same goes for transparency around their security, and their blockchain protocols.

Are Online Casinos Rigged?

Another important factor in finding the best online crypto casinos is figuring out how fair or unfair a game is. Lots of people wonder how to determine whether or not a game is “rigged”.

Even in a country like Canada, where the online gambling laws are designed to make opening an online casino easier rather than harder, there are still standards that an online casino has to follow. Games still have to operate within certain bounds of the probability of the player winning.

Not only that, but an online casino has to display the rules of their games and be ready to prove that the games have the odds that they claim. 

As a result, one of the most important metrics for finding a good online crypto casino is comparing its hosting country’s rules of gambling alongside the odds you have of winning.


You can break down the process of finding the best online crypto casino into three steps:

First, find a casino with a good reputation and a lot of transparency in its user agreement. 

Second, find a casino with odds of winning and losing within its region’s regulations.

And third, look for casinos that also deal in real money. Crypto is not regulated, meaning that it is possible for a crypto casino to not respect either of the previous steps. If you find a casino that deals in real money and crypto, it’s a lot more likely to be legitimate.

Published by HOLR Magazine.