This tool will give you #hairgoals!


Looking to recreate the perfect beachy summer waves this season? The Dyson Corrale is the ideal haircare tool you need for all of your must-try summer looks. The versatility and convenience of this tool are just some of the reasons why we’re obsessed with it. It also helps create the perfect beachy waves you’ll want to rock all summer long.

dyson corrale

Image Credit: Dyson Canda

About the Dyson Corrale

The Dyson Corrale may be a straightener, but it really can do it all! The innovative tool from Dyson offers flexing copper plates that shape to gather hair which means less work for you when it comes to creating the perfect summer styles. As a result, the extra control allows you to create the coveted styles you know and love but with less heat, and, ultimately, half the damage.

As the most awarded straightener of 2021, this is a must-have tool! Not only is it great for creating beachy waves, but the Dyson Corrale can help create a variety of different styles. Whether you want bouncy curls or smooth and sleek locks, this tool will help you to get the look you desire.

It also features cordless application which is super convenient! Do your hair anytime, anywhere thanks to Dyson’s ability to move where you want to go. It also features an Airplane mode button which makes it ideal for travel purposes.

It also comes in an array of incredible colourways, from purple to copper to pink to black.


How To Get the Perfect Beachy Waves

Before getting started, ensure your Dyson Corrale is charged and ready for use!

Check out the below step by step process (also demonstrated in this video) to get the perfect beachy waves:

Detangle and Section Hair

  • Brush out your hair and spray it with heat protectant. Then, section it off to start.

Place the Tool Horizontally On The Hair

  • Angle the Dyson Corale horizontally and place each sectioned piece in the center

Rotate the tool 360 degrees From Your Face

  • Do this while gliding the hair slowly and evenly

Repeat; Altering Direction of Hair

  • Repeat the same steps as above, altering the direction of pieces of hair
  • * No need to apply excess pressure as the copper plates do all of the work for you!

Try Out Different Section Sizes

  • Whatever suits your hair best!

Straighten The Ends For a Beachy Vibe

  • This is the key to beachy-looking waves- straghten the ends! Since the Dyson Corrale is a strightener this is perfect!

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