The bathroom is quite important but often an ignored and unkempt space in the house, and it is not a surprise that problems in the toilet can easily overwhelm and topple the mental peacefulness of the household. From leaking faucets to ventilation problems or shower issues, even minor things may seem like huge trouble. So here we have a list of some common bathroom problems and a simple fix for them to equip you.

The Scary Mold

Bathroom mold is a common problem and something that can quickly turn into a pesky nuisance. It also poses a health hazard so you should always keep an eye out for molds. Often, mold takes roots in places with poor ventilation, and if left unattended, they pose a severe risk of respiratory tract infections. Therefore, it is best that you don’t wait long and take action when you discover any suspicious-looking spots in the bathroom. Better yet seek professional help with mold removal because failing to properly care for it can eventually cost you a lot of money.

The Shower that Never Stops

Nothing brings the horror faster than a constantly leaking and dripping shower head. Some people may not consider it an urgent issue, but it is a harbinger of the dreaded mold. Neglecting this issue would also mean wasting water and an unnecessary increase in your next water bill. You can act on it the soonest you can as the fix is quite simple and may often need a gasket replacement.

Problems With the Ventilation

Good ventilation is essential in a bathroom because it helps you get rid of moisture and humidity. Without a properly functioning ventilation system, your bathroom may turn into a mold garden. Ideally, you should be checking the vents regularly (perhaps bi-monthly). You may also be watchful of the signs of ventilation malfunction like dripping moisture from walls or stains on the wall. Whenever you catch excessive humidity or slow ventilation, it is best to do whatever is needed, like getting the fans quickly replaced.

The peskiest Toilet Problem 

It is always a pressing issue and the most inconvenient problem that your bathroom may get. There are various factors that will bring you in this situation and if your house has a clogged toilet problem, it cannot be left unattended. It’s always a good idea to try plunging it, and often the clogged toilet issue would be resolved. There may be times when you would have to find professional help.

The Second Most Nasty Toilet Issue

It’s always something with the toilets that just doesn’t let you relax a bit. If your toilet has the water constantly running, you waste a lot of water and adds expense to the water bill. Often the fix is not that challenging and requires a careful examination of the tank. You may find that you only have to change the chain or adjust the water level (if it’s too high). Or, it could be just that the flapper chain has been stuck and all you need to do is move the chain back.

Are the Drains Way too Slow?

It may be time to fix the slow drain problem. Usually, all you have to do as a quick fix is to remove the debris or hair that’s clogging the inside of the plumbing. You may also try pouring hot water on the drain hole or use the drain snake. If the problem persists then you may have to take the pipes out to remove the sticky debris.

Eternal Dripping Faucets

Sometimes it appears as if the faucets are damaged for eternity because no matter what you do, the dripping problem seems to recur. A leaking faucet is quite a nuisance but is often ignored because you learn to live with the ‘blip-blop’ sounds. The fix for this issue is replacing the faucet, and you can choose to do it yourself (don’t forget to turn off the water) or you may go to the hardware store and seek professional help. 

The Frustratingly Slow Water Pressure

The slow water pressure may be pretty frustrating and ruin all the anticipated leisure of a shower. Many times the water pressure issue is because of the limescale buildup, and the solution is a quick one by using descaling, or you may replace the showerhead with a better one.

Bathroom problems, in many cases, are common and very subtle, and we choose to ignore them. The only time we notice these issues is when the situation has grown out of hands primarily but, it is vital to notice that the solutions are pretty simple, like removing the debris, replacing a faucet, unclogging a drain, or moving the chain aside. The best that you can do is attend to these issues right away without waiting for them to become complicated.