How to keep the makeup from falling quickly when operating throughout the day is a dilemma for many women. Here is the secret to keeping makeup lasting despite the hot summer weather, so you can enjoy summer days with a radiant makeup face.


In the hot weather of summer days, plus frequent travel and long day activities, women always face an annoying problem: the makeup layer becomes dull, not clear, and does not last a long time on the face. And with limited time, girls do not always have enough time to adjust their makeup. No one wants to have to carry around a giant makeup bag all the time to retouch their beauty throughout a long day. This is both inconvenient, laborious and makes women always complain and get frustrated. So how to get a smooth, long-lasting foundation that lasts all day and still naturally dries? The following article will suggest simple tips to help your makeup layer stay beautiful and long-lasting throughout the day.

Use mineral spray


The mineral spray works very well in skincare and makeup. That’s because the mineral spray contains a lot of natural mineral nutrients, which is a tool to instantly hydrate the skin whenever the skin is dry or oily. You should use the mineral spray before and after makeup to keep makeup longer and help your skin be better moisturized during the day. Another tip for you is to keep your mist in the fridge. Thus, every time you use it, you will feel much more refreshed in the hot summer weather.

Moisturize skin before makeup

Moisturizing before makeup plays the role of providing enough water for the skin, which will help the makeup to be smooth, penetrate the skin, and keep the makeup longer than without using moisturizer. An important note for women is that in the hot summer weather, you should use moisturizing gel to keep your skin cool. After cleansing, moisturize with a light-textured cream so that your skin does not clog pores.

Use the right foundation


For oily skin girls, a foundation with the ability to control oil and tighten pores is an indispensable product. The role of primer is mainly to protect the skin and correct pigmentation. This is the basic step to help the foundation get the right color and not wash off the makeup quickly during your all-day activity. If you’re looking for a great foundation option, consider trying Tom Ford’s Traceless Soft Matte Foundation, which provides buildable coverage and a matte finish that helps control oil. One note is that for the skin in the eye bags or other sensitive skin areas, you should use separate primers for that skin area to avoid irritating the skin.

Use powder to absorb oil 

The powder is one of the keys in the makeup bag of oily skin girls and especially in summer weather, you should use powder to help your skin become dry. Powder coating is an extremely effective solution because of its high moisture absorption capacity but the foundation is still very natural.

Always carry oil blotting paper

oil paper

The intense heat of summer still makes your skin oily and makes makeup go away quickly. Oil blotting paper is an essential item in the summer for women to absorb sebum and help reshape makeup.

Published By: HOLR Magazine.