TikTok is becoming more and more popular with many different trends. This is a place for entertainment and a platform to help people, especially women, get more tips about beauty. Here are handy hacks for women on how to use concealers and contours.


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TikTok is currently one of the largest social media platforms in the world, and its user base is still expanding exceptionally rapidly. The biggest reason why so many teens and even people of all ages can’t get off of TikTok is because of the app’s incredibly unique content discovery feed. It’s not just about entertainment like dances, funny memes, or covers of popular trends. TikTok is also highly prominent with helpful sharing about various areas of life and especially beauty and makeup for girls. The following article will share new trends about concealer and contour hacks for women recently so that everyone can have new makeup tips for themselves and see the versatility of this platform.

The viral “face-lifting” Concealer Hack

This trend started with TikToker Megha Singh in Texas earlier this year and has grown in popularity ever since. This method is different from all conventional concealer techniques right from its name. This method helps lift the face angle focusing on more minor points, namely the corners of the eyes, nose, lips, instead of the triangle underneath to create the most natural face lifting effect. “Its greatest benefit is that it is easy to do with one product and can work on everybody, no matter their skin tone or face shape!” according to makeup artist Erin Parson. It is thanks to this effect that using concealer is more effective than ever. Not only makes a face look more prominent, but this is also a technique to make the makeup effect very natural.

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The Color Theory Concealer Hack

A unique method of using concealer is color theory. This method helps you find the perfect shade from the color wheel for your dark circles. This is an extremely interesting and highly effective technique because it is essentially the effect of adjusting and choosing colors to match your eye color from which you can find the right color tone. Perfect for concealing eye imperfections. And when you find the right shade, you won’t have to use too much concealer to cover your eyes and make your makeup look a lot more natural. The implementation is also straightforward; you just need to compare the eye color wheel and adjust the shade to match the undertones of your under eyes. Then you need to find the shade on the opposite of the wheel. Finally, it’s applying concealer with those tones to get rid of the shadows under your eyes.


The Tweezer Contour Hack

A Ukrainian TikToker with the nickname @molchanovamua has transformed the contour method to be extremely simple and easy to do. In the video tutorial, just use household tweezers and adjust them to the middle of the bridge of your nose. Then select the outline with the brush and line the bridge of the nose according to the shape of the tweezers, so you have successfully contoured your nose in a few seconds. This is a very convenient and useful technique, especially for women who do not know how to create blocks. And as soon as you try this, you will surely realize the great use of tweezers and realize why you didn’t use them sooner.

The Lash Glue Contour Hack

lash glue

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Another Tiktoker with the nickname Gwendy used eyelash glue to contour his nose. She did it by applying false eyelash extension glue on the tip of the nose and then pulling a line down the middle of the nose bridge. Then, Gwendy tapped with her fingers to let the glue blend. Then, you just need to use powder according to your skin tone and apply it on the eyelash glue to cover. And always remember to tap lightly so that the glue mixture is kept for a long time. And with just three simple steps, you can contour your nose beautifully and effortlessly.