How to cool your home in the hottest days of summer, with the highest possible temperature up to 27 – 30 degrees will be a great way to cool down to help you relax more. The ways to cool down the house in this article can help you reduce the discomfort of the summer heat with a cool and comfortable living space.


In the hot summer weather like this, everyone wants to be in a cool space to avoid the hot temperature outside. Most families buy an air conditioner right away to cope with the hot summer climate. However, sometimes overusing the air conditioner will lead to an increase in electricity bills and not all families have the conditions to comfortably use the air conditioner. There are even people who cannot afford to buy an air conditioner for their home. Therefore, the following article will suggest essential tips that are highly effective in helping you have a cool and comfortable living space to help you feel more relaxed in this hot weather.

Limit the use of many electrical appliances

Not only help save electricity in the family but limiting the use of many electrical appliances also helps the house to be airier. This is because the heat emitted from electrical appliances and household appliances during operation will make the air hotter and more secretive in the family’s living space. Therefore, each family should avoid using electrical appliances in many different rooms at the same time, but instead should focus on using only one room.

Close the curtains during the day


The simplest way to keep your home cooler on these peak sunny days is to always keep your curtains closed during the day. Especially from 8 am to 4 pm, this is the peak time frame and the amount of heat from the sun is extremely intense. Therefore, you should draw the curtains in your bedroom, or living room to avoid direct exposure to heat energy from the sun.

Open the window in the evening

If during the day it is necessary to close the curtains at the window to limit the heat entering the house, when the night comes, opening all the windows is necessary to create an airy and cool space. living. Opening the window into the bedroom at night also helps you have a more pleasant and comfortable sleep.

Useful tips with a fan 

ice fan

You don’t have to turn on the air conditioner to get cold air in the room, but you can use a simple trick with ice and a fan. This is an extremely effective solution for those who do not have air conditioning. Place ice in a bowl or front of the top of the fan. The cold air that rises will then be blown around the room by the fan to help reduce the heat very well. This is a very simple tip that is as effective as a mini air conditioner.

Plant more trees in your living space 

plant tree

Buy or plant more potted plants in the house to help space become more airy. Houseplants have a great effect on reducing indoor temperature and especially filtering the air very well. Therefore, buy yourself a few pots of green plants or you can buy a vine and plant them on the balcony to reduce the heat in your home. This will help your home space become extremely airy, cool, and comfortable.

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